New Experiences on the Horizon (12/3/2007)

New Experiences on the Horizon


Our family has been to Disneyland many times.  Our trip this December will be Alex’s eighth trip and he is only five.  That is pretty good since we are not in California.


Alex will have a brand new experience this trip.  For the first time since his birth we will be seeing Fantasmic! from the Riverside seating.  Andy and I have not done this for years ourselves and are really looking forward to the Riverside seating this time.  What I do remember from this vantage point is actually being able to feel the heat from the fire on the river, and the cold from the water screens.  This is going to be a special treat for Alex and I can’t wait to see his reaction.  He has known Fantasmic! since he was a baby.


Another new experience this trip also has to do with Alex.  He may be close enough finally to ride Indiana Jones and is really looking forward to this attraction.  I have not ridden Indy since he was born, but Andy has used Fastpass to get a ride in on most of our trips.  With Alex being a huge fan of THX, he knows that the Indiana Jones movie series all have THX sound.  While he knows that is not in the ride, he is still looking forward to riding in the jeep, escaping snakes and a runaway boulder and more.  With less than 2 weeks before our trip he is just shy of 46”.  We hope he can grow just a bit more so his dream of riding in the Indiana Jones jeep will come true.


We will also be seeing Santa at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup this year.  Alex is very excited to see Santa at Disneyland.  While I walked through this area last year, we didn’t officially go in, so this should be fun.


Finally there is a new experience for our whole family to enjoy.  This trip, for the very first time we will have Concierge service at the Paradise Pier Hotel.  We love this hotel and have stayed here quite often in the last few years.  This time there was a special AnnualPass holder rate that we were able to take advantage of and it includes Concierge service for the first two nights.


Since this is a new experience for us, I am not completely sure what to expect.  I do know that this should save us money on drinks for the first few days, and maybe even on food.


After our trip I will be able to give a full report on the Paradise Pier Concierge Service so everyone going in the future will know what to expect.


Of course there are many wonderful things at the Disneyland Resort that are not new experiences for us.  We are all looking forward to the magic of Christmas Disney style. 


For those of you reading this, have a very safe and happy holiday season!



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