The Last Summer (06/13/06)

Have you been to Disneyland lately? If not, this is the time to go! Sure, it is summer, but this is the last summer to see all of the new things for the 50th Anniversary. At the end of September, it will all be gone.

No more 50th decorations, including the special hidden 50th Mickeys, no more Remember?Dreams Come True fireworks, and no more special entertainment like the Block Party Bash.

While the Disneyland Resort is wonderful all of the time, having all of the extra entertainment and visuals such as the picture mosaics make it that much more special. This will be the last summer to see the Block Party Bash, a wonderful parade featuring all the Pixar characters. The wonderful Green Army Men will be done recruiting new watchers, dancers and screamers for this great celebration. These men do a great job of helping us older folks remember our youth. My brothers both played with these army men, and to see them in real life is a definite treat. Of all of the special things for the 50th Anniversary celebration, I do think I will miss this parade the most.

The music from Block Party Bash is mostly early eighties, making me remember those high school years with great sounds. How often do you hear YMCA while at a Disney Resort? A whole new generation of children is being introduced to those old classics that bring back so many memories for their parents. Full of energy, this special parade makes me want to get up and dance, no matter how tired I am after walking throughout the Disneyland Resort.

At Disneyland is the Parade of Dreams. Here you will see many familiar characters from favorite Disney Movies. While all the floats are beautiful, the final float brings tears to my eyes because it holds all of my favorite characters. I will miss seeing all the Princesses, each with her Prince dancing in the street.

Yes, I have loved every minute of the 50th Anniversary celebration and will enjoy taking it all in again for the final time in a few weeks. This is the last summer for all of the celebrations and I don't plan on missing it.

After the decorations come down, many predict that attendance will also follow. This has been a very crowded time at the Disneyland Resort because I am not the only person who has fallen for the hype of the 50th Anniversary. My love of Disney would not let me stay away. In fact, I had been planning on going during the celebration for years. But now that it is almost over, I guess I should start my plans for the 75th Anniversary!

If you have not yet seen the 'new' Disneyland, be sure to check it out during this last summer of festivities.


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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