Alex's Minecraft Madagascar 3 World

Hi, I'm Alex and I made a Minecraft adventure map.  It is of Madagascar 3.


To use this map in your minecraft:

1) Find your Minecraft saved game directory.  In Vista and Win 7 it should be:

    Right Click the Start Button
    Choose 'Explore'
    Go to the very top and right under 'Desktop' should be your user name.
    Double Click on your username
    Double Click on AppData
    Double Click on Roaming
    Double Click on .minecraft
    Double Click on saves
    Right Click on the address bar and choose: 'Copy Address As Text'

   That is the directory you want to put Alex's map in.

2) Click on this link:

Alex Minecraft Madagascar Map

3) Choose 'Save'

4) When the download completes choose 'Open'

5)  In the upper left corner click 'Extract All Files'

6) In the 'files will be extracted to' textbox delete what is there and right click and paste.

When you run Minecraft again the Madagascar Map should show up.






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