Alex's New Disney Park

Alex plans the Disney Park he will build as an adult.

Hi, I'm Alex.  I am going to make a Disney Park when I grow up.  It has 7 lands.  It has 3 restaurants in it.  It is in Colorado.  It won't close until 12:00 every night.  It is also a big big park.  It has lots of attractions.  It has lots of characters. It will open 2032.  I made a map of it.  I also made a model.  I have Adventureland and Toontown combined.  It also has Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Club Penguin World.  And the last one is Main Street U.S.A.. People that I know get to go in free. I hope you enjoyed the park.  Below are pictures of a map and a model.



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