All Star Movies Review, May 2008



The All Star Resorts are “value” properties at Walt Disney World.  The All Star resorts consist of Sports, Music, and Movies.  The All Stars are located next to each other.  The grounds are large but all three are close enough that you could walk through each property to see the corresponding décor.  The outside of the lobby buildings are identical at each resort.  There is a giant star welcoming you.  The shrubbery is also shaped like a star.  The words ALL STAR MOVIES (or sports or music) encompass one entire side of the lobby building.  On the sidewalk in front of these words you’ll find the bus stops for Downtown Disney, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, MagicKingdom, and Epcot.  You’ll also find a spot for Disney’s Magical Express.  All of the stops have queue areas except Disney’s Magical Express which is just a large open area.


On this trip we stayed at the All Star Movies Resort.


As you enter the lobby you are sucked into Hollywood.  The wall behind the check in desk is a large mural of the nighttime Hollywood skyline complete with twinkling lights and spot lights.  In the lobby you can also find the airline check in desk.  While you check in send your teenager to watch your youngsters at the mini movie theater right there in the lobby.  The stadium style seating allows several families to sit and enjoy… what else?...Disney movies of course!  If you continue on through the lobby you’ll find Donald’s Double Feature gift shop.  The gift shop is rather large.  You’ll find a realm of things from Band-Aids to beer to Walt Disney World logo apparel.  Also located in the lobby building is the World Premier Food Court (see separate review). 


As you exit the lobby building and head toward your room you’ll have a great view of the Sorcerer Mickey pool area.  Mickey towers over the pool shooting sprays of water out onto one end of the pool.  There are ample amounts of poolside chairs surrounding the pool area.  Off to one side you’ll find a kids pool complete with water play area coordinating with the Fantasia theme.  Lifeguards are on duty for the majority of the time the pool is open.  You can find complimentary life jackets for the kids and if you ask a lifeguard you may be able to get a complimentary beach ball to play with (do not buy the 4-square type ball in the gift shop-this kind of ball is not allowed in the pool!).  There are also towel pick up and drop off bins poolside.  The pool is nice and refreshing after a long day in the parks. 


The second pool is a Mighty Ducks pool complete with a giant goalie Goofy at one end.  This pool has fewer seating areas and it is remarkably smaller, but it is also less crowded and a great spot to feel alone at Walt Disney World.  Though much smaller, this pool still has all the same amenities found at the main pool.


The grounds of the All Star Movie Resort are beautiful.  There are palm trees and shaped shrubbery and flowers everywhere.  Each building has GIANT décor attached and surrounding the buildings.  The themes are Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Mighty Ducks, and Herbie the Love Bug.  The giant statues include: Sorcerer Mickey’s hat; The Nutcracker figurines; Pongo and Perdie; Buzz, Woody and Rex; hockey sticks, and Herbie’s front and back end.  There are even life-size Donald and Daisy statues perfect for pictures. 


We stayed in the Fantasia 2000 buildings.  Our room was located on a corner of the second floor.  The rooms are decorated with Fantasia wallpaper boarders, Fantasia movie posters, and even a giant box of popcorn on the wall (which houses a light).  The bedspreads on the two double beds were brightly colored.  We were welcomed with the famous Mickey outline made out of a towel on the bed.  At the foot of the beds you will find a small table with two chairs, a small TV on a two drawer dresser and a large 4 drawer dresser.  There is also a bedside table located between the two beds.  There are ample outlets to plug in your cell phone, camera, video camera, and laptop!  There is internet access right in your room for a fee.  At the far end of the room you’ll find a dressing area with a clothing bar to hang some of your things.  The dressing area consists of a large mirror, plenty of counter space and the bathroom sink.  “Mousekeeping” (Disney’s version of housekeeping) left us a little towel animal on our sink halfway through our stay.  The bathroom was decorated to look like movie film.  The tile was all black and white and had the movie reel tape border in the bathtub.  The toilets are industrial strength so watch out when you flush, even with the lid down, you can get sprayed!  The shower had a full bathtub and a retractable clothes line.  The water pressure was fantastic and never ran hot or cold.  It was always the temperature we were hoping for.  If you leave toys or a special blanket out, chances are at one point or another in your stay Mouskeeping will do something fun with them.  Our son had his action figures out on the table and when we came back to our room one night we were surprised to find them displayed in our front window.  The rooms are value quality but they are very clean and well kept.  The beds are a bit small, as is the room.


The staff at the All Star Movie Resort is very friendly and helpful.  We did have one run in with a cast member (Disney’s version of staff) at the concierge desk who wasn’t familiar with the bus system and gave us bad advice.  Aside from that one time, the staff was well informed to answer all my questions.  Everyone was full of smiles and lots of help.  Don’t forget to ask for a 1st Visit pin (or a pin for any other occasion-anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, the list goes on and on) when you check in.  If the cast member doesn’t have a pin they’ll go to great lengths to find one for you.


What are the downsides to the All Star resorts?  They are the farthest hotels from the majority of the World.  Bus rides average 20-25 minutes.  Most of the time two buses serve the three properties, but when only one is servicing all three, the buses are very crowded.  When staying at the All Star Movies Resort you are the last bus picked up and the last bus dropped off.  But don’t let this deter you from staying at the All Star Movies Resort!  The only other thing my family was missing was a slide at the pool!


We thoroughly enjoyed the All Star Movies Resort.  I highly recommend the All Star Movies Resort if you are looking for a value property.  If you want a clean, kid friendly environment then the All Star Resorts are the place for you! 

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