ART (Anaheim Resort Transit) Shuttle

In one word: Phenomenal. The staff, the shuttles, the routes, everything was wonderful. We really felt they were an extension of the Disney Resort. Some of the shuttles are even cute trolley type busses with park benches for seats. The drivers were so courteous, fun and kind. We never waited long for a shuttle. They take a service break every day between 12:35 and 1:55 but our hotel had given us a schedule that said the break was between 1 & 2 so when we were waiting on Sunday at 12:45 to get back to our hotel a driver pulled right up and said "you know there is a service break right now?" We explained the situation and she said no problem I will take you. She picked up a couple other people from other routes and distributed us. We had one driver that told jokes the whole way, another driver who did a cute sassy routine and some just talked about the service. Also, the "3 day pass" we bought from AAA turned out to be some sort of general pass good for 15 days although, unlike the other ART passes, it was never punched or anything. We just flashed our passes and we were off.

Still, I can see why people like the convenience of staying at the resort. You do spend time getting on/off the shuttle, waiting, riding, etc. There was one day we forgot our youngest son's medication and my husband went back to get it. It took him a an hour and a half and if we had been staying at the resort it probably would have been 30 minutes tops since we had been right by the monorail when we realized it. Also, strollers have to be folded up on the shuttles so packing and unpacking the stroller can be a pain. We would have come and gone from the park more often if we could have strolled in and out without all the fuss.

Review done by Jennifer B

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