Animal Kingdom Quick Review, May 2008

Mom (32) says:  Animal Kingdom is huge!  LOTS of walking!  Animal Kingdom is beautiful and peaceful.  The tree of life is amazing.

Dad (34) says:  Animal Kingdom is very beautiful.  You feel like you are in the rainforest.  It’s a lot of walking.  All the different lands are very far apart.

Daughter (14) says:  I really liked that it looked like a rainforest.  It was nice that there was lots of shade.

Son (4) says:  I like going through the forest.  Looking at the animals on the ride is fun.


Favorite Rides:

Mom: Expedition Everest

Dad:  Expedition Everest

Daughter: Expedition Everest

Son: Kilimanjaro Safaris



Mom:  Take Band-aids for your feet!  Take lots of breaks during the day.  Your Animal Kingdom day is a good one to call it quits early and relax at the pool after dinner!  Do Kilimanjaro Safaris in the evening so you can see the giraffes.  Animal Kingdom is a good spot to start your visit of Walt Disney World.

Dad:  Go slow and enjoy the scenery.  Ride Everest in the morning before the crowds get there.

Daughter:  Drink water.  Skip Dinoland if you’re a teenager.

Son:  The sand in the Boneyard is not fun, it’s too sticky.  Spit in the lake and watch the fish eat it.


This Review was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmeralda on the DisneyMouseLinks message boards.  Thanks Mynde!

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