Attractions for Babies and Toddlers at Disneyland Part 3


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is still a tough ride to get on because of the horribly long queues.  If you can ride Nemo first thing in the morning you will have a shorter wait.  Check also during parades and fireworks.  If you do decide to wait in a very long queue, it is worth it.  Nemo is an incredible, very well done attraction.  The subs are nothing new to Disneyland but with the new subs you feel as if you are actually IN the movie.  This ride is a definite must see for all ages.

Disneyland Monorail is used as an attraction and as a form of transportation.  If you take the Monorail from Disneyland to Downtown Disney you will be dropped off in front of the Lego Store.  You will be just steps from ESPN Zone, Rainforest Cafe and Compass Books.  Be sure to get your hand stamped when you leave through the Monorail turnstiles.  Occasionally you can ride the Monorail full circle but more often than not it is now one way transportation for Downtown Disney and both the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel.

Autopia is an attraction that is a must do for most children.  While a child must be 52 inches to drive and ride alone, a child of any age can be a passenger.  These cars are on a track with a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. A nice sedate ride.  For adults the ride can be more pain than fun.  If you have back problems I would skip this.  The car doesn't have a good back rest, and if your car gets hit by another it can send shockwaves of pain into your back.  If you have long legs it may also be hard because it is rather cramped in the miniature cars. Even with the pain though, the pleasure in your own child's eyes is worth doing this ride.  This ride will have fastpass when it is busy and it is highly recommended that you use it.  This attraction has a slow moving and very long queue at most times of the day.

Innoventions is an attraction that you can do at our own pace after the initial show.  Here you will see your dream house, otherwise known as the house of the future.  Be sure to really check out this house and the features it has.  Don't hesitate to ask questions either.

Once you leave the house of the future you can do various computer projects, such as see what you will look like in the future based on your habits now and what you look like now.  There are games to play such as ToonTown online.  You can work to provide energy to a whole city in a fun game.

Asimo can be seen here as well, and this show is worth seeing.  Kids especially love it while the adults can simply appreciate it.  Asimo is the Honda Robot that can do absolutely amazing things you have to see to believe.


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a futuristic attraction where you try to save the Galaxy from the evil Zurg.  The queue has a giant Buzz Lightyear and an absolutely huge Etch - e - sketch for you to enjoy while waiting.  This is a very quick moving queue, and Buzz has fastpass for those who want it to be even faster.  Your ride vehicle will hold three, but there are only two blasters so if you have a child old enough to shoot you can either split into a single and a pair and use two ride vehicles.  If someone doesn't want to shoot then three are fine in a transport vehicle. 

As you leave the loading zone, your ‘gun’ is loaded and you can now shoot all of the targets.  When you hit a target, a light on the back of your gun will flash, letting you know.  Most targets are worth 100 points.  Targets that are lit and ‘hidden’ targets are worth more.


This attraction can be very addictive, as each time you finish, you can take the time to email a picture of yourself to anyone you have an email address for.  The picture being sent includes your score, so you can remember what each score is as you ride the next time.  Because of this, you can compete against other guests and yourself to get a better score each time.


As your vehicle exits the playing area, you pass a score board so you can see what level you have reached during the attraction.


Many young toddlers find this attraction very fun, and it is amazing to watch a small child pick up the ‘gun’ and automatically know what to do with it.  Since there is no height restriction on this attraction, feel free to take your small children on the ride.


Do your part today to help Buzz Lightyear save the planet!




Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Scoring Tips:


Buzz can be a simple ride where you shoot everything, or a major competition with others, or with yourself to keep beating your high score.  With a little help your scores can absolutely be higher and start breaking your all time scores.


First thing to know:  you even here this when you are in the queue.  A target is worth MORE if it is lit up.


Scoring is based on the shape of your target. 
If it is:

Round - 100 points

Square - 1000 points

Diamond - 5000 points

Triangle - 10,000 points


The points you get is per hit.  If you hit the same target more than once, then you accrue much faster.  If you spend your time hitting diamond and triangle targets you are going to see a rapid increase in your totals.  There are both diamonds and triangles to the right shortly after you enter the scoring zone.

Finally, if you can hit the secret spot on Zurg, you will get 50,000 points per hit.  In the center of his chest there is a very small black hole.  If you can hit this your score will take a huge jump.

These tips alone should really help you improve your score if you are competing.  On our website is a more in depth article that even gives the locations of the triangle targets.

Captain EO is a 3-D show from the 80's with Michael Jackson as the star.  The show was much loved then and even more so now.  Unlike Honey I Shrunk the Audience which never drew a crowd, the theater is often full for Captain EO.  This has a few mildly scary areas that bothered our son, but when it was over he wanted to see it again.  You can decide if your child is ready for this attraction.


Space Mountain is a very smooth roller coaster in the dark.  This coaster has a 40 inch height requirement.  It does not offer single rider, but you can baby swap.

Star Tours is a simulation attraction that has a 40 inch height requirement.  At this time the attraction is close for a major change to the ride.  Part 1 Part 3

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