Attractions for Babies and Toddlers at Disney's California Adventure Part 2

Golden State:

Golden State is a large area of Disney's California Adventure that encompasses, a place where you can fly, a place to farm and a place to get wet.  Golden State encompasses Condor Flats, Pacific Wharf and the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area.

Condor Flats:

Soarin' Over California, also known simply as Soarin' is the only ride in Condor Flats. This attraction makes you feel as if you are flying.  As you soar through the sky you fly over many popular California landmarks, including the ocean, the desert, and even a golf course.  With this attraction you don't just fly though.  As you soar over an orange grove, enjoy the scent of fresh oranges.  This also applies when you fly over pine trees, and over the ocean.  Soarin' has a 40 inch height requirement but does offer both single rider and baby swap.  This is a must see attraction.

Grizzly Peak Recreation Area:

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is one of the best locations to let your child expend some energy.  This is an area filled with trails, cargo netting and rope bridges. There are big slides and little slides.  Redwood Creek simply has something for every age group.

The Magic of Brother Bear is a show in the small amphitheater inside Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  Koda and Kenai will pose for pictures after the show.

In addition to the two bears, two chipmunks often show up in here.  If you see Chip and Dale, be sure to go say hi to them.  Due to the vast size of the Challenge Trail the characters rarely have lines and you may even get a character or two all to yourself for a while.

For the toddler set, the two smaller slides are in an area specifically created for this age group. Near the little slides are two small caves.  The caves have things to do in them and with the touch of a hand your child can find out which animal he most resembles.  In front of the caves is a small river the youngsters love to play in while in this area. A change of clothing is probably something you should have for your child because of this river.  This area is also big enough that if your child just wants to run around for a while it is possible. There is not a lot of seating for the adults while the young ones play, but there are plenty of rocks to use for seats.

For the older children, there are rope swings and rock walls to climb, ropes to climb to reach the top of the fort, a cave, and a tunnel slide.  Each of these attractions have a height requirement of 40 inches, and a queue just like any other attraction.

If you have a toddler or baby and two adults, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is also great to facilitate the adults riding the attractions. Leaving an adult with a child while the other rides things such as Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Run or Screamin'.

Grizzly River Run is an attraction for those 42 inches or taller who don't mind getting wet.  If you get on this attraction it is pretty much guaranteed you will get wet, but it is also possible that you will get completely soaked.  This is nice and refreshing on a hot day.  The loading zone here is a moving zone, so be careful when you are going to your raft, or exiting your raft.  Your will be on a circular raft riding vehicle.  Each raft can hold eight people, and there are two openings to get on and off the vehicle.  You will climb 45 feet at the beginning of the attraction, and your final drop is 21 feet with plenty of geysers following the drop just in case you didn't get soaked yet.  There are smaller drops in between the climb and the finale.

Pacific Wharf:

Mission Tortilla Factory Tour is a walkthrough that starts with a short video while you are in the holding area.  Next you will see a bunch of small windows, or 'shadow boxes' in the back wall.  Starting from the left these windows show how the tortillas used to be made.  There are a few windows for each scene, and there are steps for the kids to stand on and see a window just for them.  Next you go into the kitchen where the tortillas are made.  This is all done by machine and you will get a great look at how it is done.  Your tour ends with a nice warm tortilla that is freshly made.

Boudin Bakery Tour is also a walkthrough.  As you enter this attraction you are given a piece of bread.  This tour will take a bit longer as you watch video screens to explain what the people making the bread are doing at each station. 


A Bug's Land:

A Bug's Land is home to Flik's Fun Fair, where you will find rides for the toddler in your family.  A few attractions do have height restrictions.  There are two areas here where your children can play in water.

Bountiful Valley Farm is a fun place for both adults and children.  Here you will see many of the fruits and vegetables used in the meals served at Disney's California Adventure.  There is plenty of seating, and fresh fruit smoothies for the adults.  For the kids of all ages (even the kid at heart)  there is a fun water maze. There are plenty of sprinklers here, and a selection of water gates that open when triggered.  The farm will be closing sometime in late 2010.

It's Tough to be a Bug is a 3D show in an underground theater.  The entrance to this theater is immediately to the left once you enter A Bug's Land.  This film demonstrates what it is like to be the size of a bug.  There are insects galore in this show, and a few very intense special effects that can be very scary for those who don't much like bugs.  While the show is fun it is often dark in the theater and can be quite scary for the youngsters.  If you have low back problems you might want to skip the show, or don't lean back when watching.

Flik's Fun Fair:

Tuck and Roll's Drive 'em Buggies is one ride that requires your child to be 42 inches to ride and 48 inches to drive the attraction vehicle. This bumper car attraction is on a small course that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for movement if one area becomes congested, but the children absolutely love this ride.

Princess Dot Puddle Park is one of two areas to simply get wet. If your child is in diapers, a swim diaper is a good idea here. One wet play area is inside Flik's Fun Fair right near the restrooms.  The second wet play area is right inside the entrance to A Bug's Land on your right.  This area is much bigger with several different ways to get wet.

Francis' Ladybug Boogie resembles the Mad Tea Party at Disneyland.  This is an attraction with spinning lady bugs on a figure eight coarse. 

Flik's Flyers is a ride made out of trash. Flik has picked up old food boxes and use sticks and leaves to create this attraction.  Pick your favorite snack to ride in and soar as if you were riding Dumbo.

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train is a small train with Heimlich as your ride vehicle.  As you enjoy  the yummy scenery you will see that Heimlich couldn't resist taking some bites as he drove along.  Beware the watermelon drippings, they are actually sticky!  This is a very cute ride, but also a very short one.

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