Attractions for Babies and Toddlers at Disney's California Adventure Part 3

Paradise Pier:

Paradise Pier is the land of sun and fun as if you were at a beach pier.  This area has been redone recently with the addition of Toy Story Mania, changes to the games, a change to the former Sun Wheel and the former Orange Stinger has now been completely changed.


King Triton's Carousel is not your typical carousel.  Here the only horse you will find is a sea horse.  All of the animals on this Carousel come from the sea.  Each was hand carved and hand painted so that no two ride vehicles are the same. Fish, dolphins, sea otters and golden sea horses fill this carousel with a deep sea theme.  This is one of those attractions that is great anytime, but beautiful at night when the lights are on.

Toy Story Mania is a 4-D ride that requires you to wear special glasses.  The queue and the large Mr. Potato Head in the front are all part of the attraction.  Throughout the queue you will see various games on the walls.  There are both old and new games and many of them can bring back some fun memories when you see them.  Each ride vehicle holds four people split into groups of two.  Each set of 2 people is back to back with the other 2.  The ride itself is another game where you try to score high and have a blast doing it.  You will find familiar Toy Story characters introducing each game and cheering you on while you play.  You will have a ring toss, plate smash, balloon pop and more games during this attraction.  The 'gun' for this game is not one you shoot.  Instead it has a ball you pull back to shoot.  You compete with others for the high score each time you ride Toy Story Mania.  This attraction is fine for toddlers, but not for a baby.

Mickey's Fun  Wheel is a Ferris wheel with a twist. Most of the cars will swing. When queuing for this ride you make the decision to swing or not swing.  There are two different queues and two different loading areas.  When you reach the top of this attraction you will be 150 feet in the air.  During the day the views are amazing and at night they are incredible. Since the attraction vehicles are enclosed there are no minimum requirements on this attraction. This attraction used to be known as the Sun Wheel.

Golden Zephyr has a silver ride vehicle that holds up to 12 guests.  As you soar above the crowd enjoy the sights you can only see from above.  This is a mild flying attraction that is often closed due to wind.


California Screamin' is the roller coaster you can see from afar.  This is the only roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort that has an inversion.  While this coaster looks like an old wooden style, be assured that it is well made and all steel.  The coasters for this ride have a countdown to start.  Once you start the coaster will go from 0 to 55 miles per hour in less than five seconds.  The thrills don't stop at the top of that rise either.  This also happens to be the longest roller coaster track at the Disneyland Resort.  While this is a thrilling ride, it is also a very smooth ride.  To ride Screamin' you must be 48 inches tall.  This attraction does offer single rider and baby swap.

Silly Symphony Swings is the former Orange Stinger.  Where you were swinging inside an orange before, now the swings are all outside.  To ride a single swing you must be 48 inches tall.  You can ride the swings once you reach 40 inches, but you have to ride a double swing until you are the required 48 inches.  While you swing you will be serenaded while Mickey conducts his barnyard band.  This is from the short called The Band Concert.  This attraction offers baby swap.

Maliboomer is a ride with the similar premise of Tower of Terror.  You go up and you go down.  Maliboomer has scream guards because of the Anaheim noise ordinances.  This attraction will take you 180 feet in the air before you come down.  One game you used to be able to play on the boardwalk is the slam game.  You would use a hammer and hit the game to see if you could ring the bell.  That is what Maliboomer is themed from.  You must be 52 inches to ride this attraction.

Jumpin' Jellyfish is a ride for children, but most toddlers are unable to ride because of the height requirement of 40 inches. The Cast Members here will even try to slide a piece of paper between your child's hair and the measuring stick.   If the paper can go in, your child is not tall enough.  For the children that can ride, this is an attraction that goes 40 feet straight up, and slowly comes back down.

Goofy's Sky School is what used to be called Mulholland Madness.  With this new theme the cars from the original ride have been changed into crop dusters.  The same track is used for this attraction, it is just the theme that has been changed.  This attraction requires that you be 42 inches tall to ride.  This attraction is very jerky with a lot of stops and starts.

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