Disneyland Autopia Review

This attraction is wonderful for the children in your group. If the children are under 52 inches they can ride but can't drive; so you will need someone bigger to ride with each child under that height. Some adults may find this attraction a mite boring while others may think it is wonderful.

Autopia follows a track that is actually quite long, and your car will move at the speed your driver chooses. Steering is simple yet does have some give.

Children love driving these cars, or riding in them. One thing to remember though is that the bulk of the queue for this attraction can't be seen, so while you may think the line is short, definitely check the standby wait time before entering the queue.

It is best to ride Autopia in the early morning, and with the use of Fastpass it can be ridden twice in a short amount of time each morning. This attraction could be the highlight of your trip to Disneyland for some children.

We finally did this attraction on our June 2005 trip to Disneyland. Our son started to fall asleep while I was driving the car. I guess for him it was just like being in a real car. This attraction is a nice change of pace and very relaxing. The worst part though is the queue which can be summed up in one word: boring. There are no special effects for the bulk of the queue; and it is a long and tiring line. That being said, I do recommend this attraction for children.

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