Award Weiners Review (2007)

Award Weiners is a window only restaurant in California Adventure. Located on the left side on the way to Monster's Inc. or Muppet Vision 3-D you will find this window service location.

As the name indicates, the type of food you will find here are hot dogs and a small selection of sausages. They are known for the chili cheese dogs and that is their number one seller.

We have now eaten here twice, and both times had the chili cheese dogs with fries. The hot dogs were surprisingly good for park fare. The fries on both occasions were fresh and hot, and quite tasty.

Children's meals offer a kids dog with fries or carrot sticks. Ranch dressing is available upon request.

Both times we have eaten here we ended up taking our food over to the covered area near Monster's Inc. The first time we did this because it was pouring rain. The second time, the limited seating in front of the window was already in use. The seating under cover is a short walk and very easy to get to without giving your food a chance to get cold.

I am normally not a hot dog person, and never have been. Both times we ate here it was a last resort because of my feelings for hot dogs. I have enjoyed the meal both times because of the Chili Cheese Dog. I can highly recommend that as a very tasty, yet quick meal.

Alex, our 4 year old loves hot dogs, and Award Weiners is no exception. He would probably eat every meal here if he could!

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