Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Review

The Wildest Ride in the West is located at Disneyland Park in California. Yep, this is it, the Wild West style roller coaster through the wilderness all while riding in a train car while holding on for dear life. Oh, did I mention that it is a runaway train you are riding?

Unlike the standard roller coaster fare, this attraction is loaded with Disney magic and imagination. You will ride through a cave filled with bats, past a bleating goat, near a waterfall, and over a bridge. Oh, this is a fairly tame coaster, but it is a lot of fun.

Big Thunder lines tend to be quite long, so don't forget to use FastPass here, or ride early morning or during Fantasmic! in the evening. One important thing to know is that this is 2 different rides. One during the daytime, calm, well lit, and fun, and a second ride at night in the dark where you can see the glowing eyes of various critters, so definitely try to get a daytime and nighttime ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This attraction is and has always been one of my favorites. It doesn't tend to make me as sick as typical roller coasters. Some people are staying away from this attraction because of the deadly accident a while back. I ride it because I consider it tested and safe, and even one of the safest attractions in the park. Each time I board the mine train, I look forward to a fast and fun ride, and each time, it happens.

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