Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Review 2008

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Review – April 2008


We finally had time to enjoy this show after many trips trying to fit it in.  We got there early and grabbed seats on the upper level.  I purchased sundaes for each of us to enjoy during the show.


The sundaes were huge.  I had the strawberry sundae in a waffle cup, while the boys had hot fudge sundaes that came with two chocolate chip cookies.  We all enjoyed them, and were done before the show started.


Billy Hill and the Hillbillies is a cross between comedy and music.  They include some familiar music in each show, such as It’s a Small World or Star Tours music.


During the first show, Alex had to go to the bathroom, so he and I missed all but the beginning and the end.


We also attended the next show from the front row, and it was incredible.  Andy was taping and the Billies did a few special things for him, standing right in front of the camera.  This was obviously different than the first show.


These men are not only comic geniuses; they are also incredibly talented musically.  The best part of the show is the fiddle segment without a doubt. 


For most of the show, Alex was playing quietly with his toys.  There were parts though that he clapped with the rest of the crowd and had a great time.


This show was very enjoyable, and I can highly recommend it for both young and old.

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