Blue Bayou Review (2007)

When we got on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride our boat took off and we looked to our right and saw the wait staff setting up for the lunch crowd at this restaurant and we looked at each other and said “we have GOT to eat there!”  After the ride we went to see what the wait time was.  They told us priority seating reservations get to sit closest to the water and once they are seated then the walk-in’s get seated.  BUT because it was mid-week and we went off season we were able to get seated fairly quickly.  Also, they opened up the restaurant 10 minutes early because there was a little crowd forming.


 Our 18 month old was asleep in the stroller and they said “no problem!  Let him sleep, we’ll pull the stroller up to the table”.  It was perfect for a sleeping kid and to get out of the heat; it’s dark, cool and quiet.  There was plenty of room between the tables for our stroller and people to walk by without hitting it.


We were only one table in from the water.  This is fine dining (around $26/plate) but they have a standard kids menu for the restaurants at New Orleans currently the menu is on a paper pirate’s hat and is around $6/$7.  My husband had the Molasses Brined Pork and loved it – he says it was perfect.  I had the Cajun Crusted Salmon which was perfectly cooked and the sides were good as well.  This is exactly what you would expect for the money from any nice restaurant.  Charlie had the Mac n cheese which came with grapes and his appetizer was carrots and celery w/ Ranch dressing.


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