Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta Review, October 2011

Boardwalk is one of the new restaurants at Disney's California Adventure, tucked into a corner of Paradise Pier. 


Here they serve pizza, pasta and several different salads.  They call the pizza crust flatbread pizza and that is definitely the case.  The pizza here is a very thin crispy crust.  If you like a pan pizza or thick crust pizza then this is not the place for you to eat.  You should try Redd Rocket's Pizza Port instead.  Boardwalk is crispy and very tasty with real cheese, a mild pizza sauce and fresh pepperoni or vegetables.


Our family enjoyed the cheese pizza and the pepperoni pizza.  The adult pizza was a perfect serving size for our 9-year-old son.  There is also a barbeque chicken pizza and a portabella mushroom vegetarian pizza.


The pasta available here is spaghetti and meatballs, a cheese ravioli, and a chicken with sun dried tomato pasta.  Each of these looked like a complete meal with fresh ingredients and perfectly done pasta.


Three different salads as meals that are available for those who don't want to have pasta or pizza.  Chicken Caesar, an Italian Chef Salad, and for vegetarians there is a plate of field greens.  Also available is a side salad to go with your pizza or pasta.


While we didn't try the salads or the pasta, they both looked fresh and inviting with crisp lettuce and al-dente pasta.


There are also two desserts.  A specialty cheesecake or an espresso brownie is offered for those with a sweet tooth.


As usual with Disney meals, you can get a drink for an additional charge.


There is a plethora of seating for this restaurant and the Garden Grill.  Often there is musical entertainment as well from the small stage built into the seating area.  Condiments for the two restaurants are all above the seating area which is a step down from this area.  We enjoyed meals in this location several times and never found seating to be a problem.  The general seating is also quite far away from the smoking area underneath Goofy's Sky School.


Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta is a great addition to Disney's California Adventure, serving more than just standard Theme Park fare.

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