Bootstrappers Review, December 2008

The Bootstrappers are a pirate band that plays in New Orleans Square at various times during the day.  They also spend time on the Pirates Lair mixing in with the crowd of guests.


During our December trip we ran into this group twice.  The first time was because Andy was taping it for our website, so Alex and I simply watched.  The pirates were having fun with Alex during this experience, and Alex really enjoyed.  We listed for about 10 minutes before a crowd began to develop, and when the crowd came, they turned from us and sang to the crowd.


The second time we saw the Bootstrappers it was just Alex and me.  We walked past them while they were singing and the same pirate who was teasing Alex before stopped to shake my hand.  And steal my purse!  The no-good rotten thief!  Of course I got my purse back and we all had a laugh before Alex and I moved on.


The Bootstrappers are part singer, part actor and part comedy.  The first time we saw them it was two men and a woman singing.  The second time we saw them a third man had joined the group.  If you get a chance to listen to them, take the time to do so.  It is quite fun if you actually listen to the words they sing.  After all, they ARE pirates you know!


Most of the comedy occurs during the songs, as one will quit singing and begin talking, teasing, or doing whatever he wants to make everyone laugh.


If I had the chance I would have seen them again as this is (like all Disney acts) a wonderful group with loads of talent.  As you stroll through New Orleans Square, take a detour past the Blue Bayou and stop to listen a while.


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