Breakfast with Minnie and Friends, March, 2010

Breakfast with Minnie and Friends is one of the best character meals that the Disneyland Resort has to offer.  We eat here at least one time each vacation and always do it during Magic Morning hours so we don't lose an hour of early morning rides.  This breakfast was not different in that respect.


Before being show to your table they have you stand against the railing for a picture.  This picture is then put into a portfolio and they will try to sell it to you while you are distracted with your meal and the characters.  We have begun declining even taking this picture because we never buy it. 


We were quickly shown to our table and who was there waiting for us?  Just a few characters.  What a wonderful feeling to be shown your table with five characters simply waiting to join you!



Alex had his Club Penguin Battle Cards with him for the meal and the characters absolutely loved playing the game with him!  Being a party of three we always have an empty seat, but this time we needed more!  Several times a character would sit in the open seat.  Andy would get up to take a picture, and another character would sit in his seat!




As usual, the food was great.  Nobody has better french toast than they do at Plaza Inn's Minnie and Friends Breakfast.  I didn't even order  an omelet this time since I was so looking forward to the french toast after the disaster with that item at the Surf's Up Breakfast with Mickey.


This is my favorite character meal because of the character interaction.  No picture, sign and run here.  The characters take time to play, and Alex and I love that.


And four characters?   Not on your life.  This is one character meal where you will see a ton of characters, have wonderful food choices, (omelet,  potatoes, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, pasty, fruit, waffles, pancakes and french toast).  There is also cereal, special toppings such as strawberries and other fruits for the pancakes in addition to maple syrup.  As usual, it was all incredible.


As for the characters?  Well, we saw the following:














Captain Hook  (who heard Tick Tock while trying to take the cards.  Thanks Eeyore for scaring him straight!)



Fairy Godmother









Yes, that is 10 characters in just one hour.  Amazing.



Again, like we had noticed the day before the restaurant was virtually empty.  Usually when we leave the outside seating is almost full.  Today it was empty.  That being said, let me make it clear that we have never been to this meal and NOT gotten the character interaction we enjoyed today.



Crowds are probably lower due to the economy.  That is too bad because the character meals are a wonderful opportunity to see some of those characters you don't ordinarily see.  I absolutely recommend this meal to anyone who asks.  The food is wonderful and the character interaction very special.  I missed my favorite character manager Tammy, who is now working in the office, so I asked the new managers to tell her I said hi.


You will not see more characters than this in any other character meal, so take the time to do this one!

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