Bummer News Christmas Two

Well I got the news tonight that we will be cancelling our Christmas trip to Disneyland.  It is sad to get this news just days before our October trip to Disneyland because if I had a choice I would prefer to go in December.


Instead I am going to Disneyland in six days with a bum knee and a need for an Electronic Convenience Vehicle (ECV) which I am not looking forward to doing.  There is no way I can cancel the ECV because I won't be able to even make it from our hotel to the Parks.  But we can't cancel our airline tickets without penalties when we do use them, and our hotel is prepaid and non refundable.   If we decided not to go, we would not get the money back so we are still going in October, and will be attending Mickey's Halloween Party.  I wasn't paying attention so missed out on an opportunity to go to a pass holder event only at Disneyland so that too is a bummer.


No, this is not a happy Dose of Disney.  In fact, as I write it I am crying.


Disneyland is my second home and I love being there.  Especially at Christmas and I have been looking so forward to that trip.  We were unable to go for Christmas last year, so to skip it two years in a row is heartbreaking.


No 'its a small world holiday' or Small World shows on the facade.  No Carolers on Main Street, or fancy decorations in New Orleans Square.  No Santa's Reindeer Roundup or candy cane fudge.  No special Disney Magic that you can only find at Christmas.


So I will make this trip count.  In six days I will not be upset to be in an ECV.  I will not complain that I can't walk.  I will enjoy what we do have.  We are doing the Happiest Haunts Tour on our first day.  We come in on a Saturday afternoon.  Normally this would be a very hard time to ride the E-ticket attractions like Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy or Tower of Terror.  Instead we are doing the tour and it guarantees us six rides!  One of them is Haunted Mansion Holiday, a family favorite.


We are going to the Halloween Party.  I get to see Halloween Screams, my favorite fireworks display during the party.  I get to actually trick or treat at Disneyland.  The last time we did the party at the Disneyland Resort it was at Disney's California Adventure.  This year the party is actually at Disneyland and I can't wait!


Because of my knee this will be a slower trip, but it should not be any less fun.  As usual, when I go under the tunnel for the last time I will cry.  It is tradition after all.


Our Christmas trip may be cancelled, but we will be back to Disneyland some time soon, of that I am confident.  But I am still bummed!v

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