Burger Invasion Review

Burger Invasion is located on Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure. This restaurant is a McDonalds with a limited menu and very high prices.

Serving just three sandwiches… the Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, and the Classic Chicken… each combo comes with fries. Drinks are not included with the combos at this McDonalds and one of these three meals will cost close to $6.00 for just the sandwich and fries. They also serve a chef salad here at more than $6.00. No fries are included with the salad. (2006 Prices)

Drinks at Burger Invasion are priced the same as all Disneyland Resort drinks and are almost $3.00 each.

For children, they do have the 3 standard happy meals. Chicken Nuggets, cheeseburger and hamburger happy meals do include fries and a drink.

Eating here cost us more than $21.00 for two Big Mac meals, one happy meal, and one additional drink.

While the food is typical McDonalds fare the service here is atrocious.

Due to time constraints this trip, we ended up eating here two times before the Electric Parade. (Burger Invasion is located at the start of the parade) At 8:00 pm the lines at Burger Invasion were long because everyone was trying to eat before the parade. Both nights, from the time the food was ordered to the time it was handed to me, was a 30 minute wait or longer. The second night I got our food right as the parade began.

The service at Burger Invasion is horribly slow, and not real friendly. Unfortunately that time of night on that side of Paradise Pier you have no other choice as Pizza Oom Mow Mow is closed by that time of night. The amazing thing is that Burger Invasion doesn't seem prepared for this nightly rush at all, and it causes many grumpy people waiting for mediocre food.

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