Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Review

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a ride for people of all ages. This attraction is based on Toy Story II with Buzz Lightyear trying to save the world from the Evil Emperor Zurg. It is the job of guests on the attraction to help Buzz do his job.

This is one of the more colorful attractions, full of Disney imagination. While in the queue you will see a very large Buzz Lightyear demonstrate how to save the world on a very large Etch-A-Sketch.

Each attraction vehicle will hold 2 to 3 guests, but there are only two 'guns' on each vehicle. If everyone in your group wants to shoot, keep this in mind. For a child to ride alone, they must be 7 years or older.

As you leave the loading zone, your 'gun' is loaded and you can now shoot all of the targets. When you hit a target, a light on the back of your gun will flash, letting you know. Most targets are worth 100 points. Targets that are lit and 'hidden' targets are worth more.

This attraction can be very addictive, as each time you finish, you can take the time to email a picture of yourself to anyone you have an email address for. The picture being sent includes your score, so you can remember what each score is as you ride the next time. Because of this, you can compete against other guests and yourself to get a better score each time.

As your vehicle exits the playing area, you pass a score board so you can see what level you have reached during the attraction.

Many young toddlers find this attraction very fun, and it is amazing to watch a small child pick up the 'gun' and automatically know what to do with it. Since there is no height restriction on this attraction, feel free to take your small children on the ride.

Do your part today to help Buzz Lightyear save the planet!

I highly recommend this attraction, for all ages. My son, aged 2 ¾ during our trip absolutely loved this attraction. His first time on the ride he picked up the gun and actually knew what to do with it, and his smiles while on this attraction were priceless. This is the one attraction that he showed any reaction on during our most recent vacation. He was always excited to ride Buzz. As an adult female, I also found this an incredibly fun ride. I have never been one to enjoy shooting targets, but I found Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters totally addictive, and more fun that I had expected it to be.

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