Buzz Lightyear Tips

While many people enjoy the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride, there is also frustration from some people because they have a hard time scoring real high.

While the ride itself is fun no matter how much you score; it can be even more fun the first time you hit a new high score for yourself. If you are one of the people who love riding Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters but wish that you could score better help is here!

It is important to note that each target within the attraction has a two point levels. You get points for hitting the target… but if the target is lit you get even more points through random bonuses.

The basic scoring system per target:

Round Target: 100 points
Square Target: 1000 points
Diamond Target: 5000 points
Triangle Target: 10,000 points

As you can see; while there are more round targets throughout Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, these are the ones that are most worthless to hit to raise your score. Concentrating on the Triangle and Diamond targets will really increase your score.

Each time you hit a target you get points. So if you have the chance to hit the same target multiple times do so.. you will get points for each hit. For example, if the ride stops for a moment the targets still work - so keep blasting away at the nearest target. When you are in an area with multiple targets do a quick search for the target with the highest points. That is the target you want to aim for if your score is the main objective for this ride.

Now if you want some tips on secret targets keep reading for more information. If not your score will be helped simply with the use of the above information.

While going through Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters you will see a 'Jack-in-the-box' with a target on the box. If you hit this target the box opens to reveal 'alien' Jack. As the box is opening, be prepared to shot because there is a diamond target on the inside lid of the box. When Jack pops up there is a triangle target. If you manage to hit both of these even once your score will really jump up quickly.

In the same room as the 'Jack-in-the-box' you will see a circle with a diamond target. This one is not hidden, and is easy to hit. Fire at it and try to hit it many times before it goes out of your shooting range.

As you go through the black 'speed tunnel' there are two hidden triangle targets. One on the right as soon as you enter the tunnel, the other on the left as you exit the tunnel. While in the tunnel there are also two diamond targets on the ceiling. These targets can be very hard to see unless they are lit, but once you see them you will know where they are for future rides. If you are lucky enough to have the ride stop moving while you are in the tunnel you can see your score skyrocket simply by hitting these triangles a few times.

The final room also has a few surprises. On the floor in this room is a 'discarded' toy that can be seen facing the ride vehicles as they are directed to face Zurg and Buzz. If you hit the circle target on this toy a triangle target will pop up and be just a few feet from your car. Hit it as often as you can before you move on.

Finally… be sure to take a good look at Zurg. There is a line running down the center of his chest. Just below his cape hit that line. There is a very small circle (dark and hard to see), but if you hit it you get 50,000 points! This target can also be hit multiple times. This applies to the FIRST Zurg you see (the one you are very close too with all the small point targets.  In the final room with Zurg, hitting the spot on his chestplate will also give you 50,000 points, but you are not nearly as close to this one, so it is VERY hard to hit.  Now, if you hit the squares below Zurg he will turn in that direction, and this can give you a better look at the chest plate.

Now that you know some of the secrets, your score should improve. Good luck and happy hunting! This is a new way to enjoy a favorite Disneyland attraction, so go get Zurg and your new high score!

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