Carnation Café Review (2005)

Carnation Café, located on Main Street in Disneyland is always busy when you walk by. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner this is one of the jewels of Disneyland. Priority Seating is highly recommended to avoid a long wait for a table. Those reservations can be made by calling 714-781-DINE up to 45 days in advance, and they are open seven days a week.

Seeing this restaurant full all the time should be an indication that the food is great. What you don't see is the wonderful service, the visit to your table by the Chef to check on you, and the incredible tasting food.

Here you will find many menu selections, served quickly even when the restaurant is packed. The food here is better than standard Disneyland fare and is easily comparable to Blue Bayou for quality. Servings are large; but no so large you feel you can't have dessert.

All of the desserts at Carnation Café come from the Blue Bonnet Bakery next door. The Brownie Sundae is the best in the world with hot fudge that should be bottled and sold. That dessert alone should be enough to cause you to make reservations as you will never find better tasting hot fudge.

Like all of Disney they really cater to the children and the biggest draw on the children's menu is macaroni and cheese; a perennial favorite for kids. The peanut butter pizza sounds fun for older children.

After watching the crowds here and wanting to eat at the Carnation Café for years we were finally able to do so this trip. It will now be a restaurant we eat at each trip. Knowing about the priority seating helped. We really enjoyed our meal and I can't say enough about the dessert. It was simply out of this world. The service was wonderful and the atmosphere great. I highly recommend the Carnation Café where I hear breakfast is also unbeatable. Make those priority-seating reservations and check it out on your next trip to Disneyland for a wonderful dining experience.

Carnation Café Review (2006)

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