Casey's Corner Restaurant Review, Magic Kingdom, May 2008

Casey’s Corner is located on the last corner of Main Street at the MagicKingdom.  Casey at the bat is standing tall to greet you as you enter this quick service restaurant.  We would have overlooked Casey’s Corner if the train conductor hadn’t convinced us to try it out!  The décor is all red, white and blue.  It is reminiscent of an old time baseball game. The restaurant itself is very small.  The registers are crowded together.  If this quick service restaurant had been crowded we wouldn’t have even tried to get in.  The menu is short…hot dogs, chili dogs, and fries.  There is not a kids menu, however, they can order off the regular menu for the Dining Plan.  There is a badly laid out toppings bar.  It was hard to get everything we needed and still carry all our food.  You can’t simply unwrap your hot dog and load it up, you have to put all your toppings in cups and try to maneuver the rest of the bar.  However, the hot dogs are scrumptious and the fries satisfying. 


There are no tables inside Casey’s Corner, but there are a few umbrella tables outside.  The tables are small and barely fit our family of four, though it would be ideal for just two people.  As this is the only seating in that area it is quite packed.  The surroundings are beautiful.  There is a little water/grass area right next to the tables.  The view is nice and serene, but the birds and ducks are annoying. 


If it’s hot dogs and fries you are in the mood for then Casey’s Corner on Main Street is the place for you.  If it’s crowded inside, skip it and try again at an off time.  


This review was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmerelda on the forums.  Thanks Mynde!

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