Disneyland Character Autographs

Collecting character autographs is the new big thing at the Disneyland Resort and especially fun for children. Young children who may be slightly afraid of the characters may find it easier to have them sign an autograph as opposed to standing next to them for a picture. Obviously the picture can be snapped while the character is signing your child's book.

Autograph books can be found in a wide variety throughout the Disneyland Resort. There are books with blank pages to sign, and also books that you can combine with photos of the characters for enjoyment when you get home. You can also make your own autograph book or buy one before you leave for Disneyland to cut down on the expense;. But in reality the autograph books are fairly inexpensive; usually under $10.00.

You will also need a large pen for the characters to hold. For the characters with big hands a large pen is much easier for them to use. Be sure to have your child turn the pen on, or remove the cap for them, before handing it to a character. They will also need to open the autograph book to a blank page before handing it to the character.

It is also important to note that while most characters can sign autographs there are some that can't. One in particular is Beast simply because his hands are much to big to hold a pen; so be sure your child doesn't expect an autograph from him.

When gathering character autographs the same courtesy rules apply as when taking pictures with the characters. Do not let your child run up to the characters… there will almost always be a line. Always remember that others are waiting. When it is your child's turn; let them greet the character (hopefully while you take photographs), then help your child open the autograph book to the correct page.

Remember to take your autograph books to character meals. Character meals are the perfect opportunity to collect 5-6 autographs at once.

Being able to bring home an autograph book will allow your child to always have something tangible to remember their Disneyland Vacation. Pair it with a small photo album with all the pictures of your child greeting the characters.

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