A World of Fantasy is Waiting for You

A World of Fantasy Is Waiting For You!

Remember as a child the fantasies that played inside your head? You could close your eyes and see the magic of the moment as if you were there. There is such a place where imagination and dreams become a reality—and that place is Disneyland—and at Christmas time—it truly becomes a world of wonder. From Late November through early January, Disneyland is your family’s playground for holiday fun. And remember, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Christmas during the holidays. The child inside you will surface as you join your family in adventure of a lifetime.

Begin your journey of wonder looking over 300,000 sparkling lights and a 60 foot Christmas tree located in Town Square. Watch the wonder on your child’s face as he wanders in awe through the streets, lights flashing in his eyes, Disney characters surrounding him, and magic in the air. During this time, the hours will be extended so you and your family can enjoy all that Disneyland has to offer.

Begin Your Adventure!

No matter where you start your journey, you’ll be guaranteed a fun ride. From the time you get to the entrance, where giant letters spelling out California Adventure are adorned with Christmas candy canes, to the late-night fireworks, you’ll be happy you chose Disneyland for the holidays. Once inside the park, you’ll be welcomed with the Sunshine Plaza, which during the holidays is transformed to “Santa’s Beach Blast, and since this is sunny and warm Southern California, it seems only appropriate that a surfing Santa can be found alongside his Woody wagon sleigh. There’s plenty more to see.

 For instance, the “Haunted House” becomes the Haunted Holiday Mansion,” with characters based on the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. Here, the Christmas season combines with Halloween, making this holiday adventure even more exciting.  Then check out the completely refurbished Small World, a favorite any time of year. Get into the holiday with dazzling lights and classic Christmas music in several different languages.

Then attend a roundup in Frontier Land and visit with Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus, and hang out with the reindeer. Younger children will enjoy it here because they can play holiday games and create souvenir crafts to take home. And what kid wouldn’t want to take a rest near a reindeer? But don’t rest for too long, because there’s plenty more to see. Take in the astounding decorations in Toon Town and New Orleans Square, as well as the much talked about L’Ornement Magicue. Take home a unique ornament that you might not find anywhere else. It’s like taking home a piece of Disneyland.

Arrive Early, Stay Late.

Because Disneyland is so popular, especially during the holidays, you might want to get to the park early, before noon, to avoid the rush. It’s often best to make arrangements in advance, there are plenty of holiday deals online that can be found where you can get all the information you need for this upcoming holiday season. So make sure you arrange your reservations in advance and  arrive early because there’s so much to see at this time of year.

Take in a Parade!

Everyone loves a parade. But the Disney “Christmas Fantasy Parade” is something to behold. See your favorite Disney characters as they parade around with snowflakes and ginergerbread characters, just to name a few. And enjoy the sight of Santa as he cruises through on his sleigh. Watch your child’s eyes as they grow in wonder of the magic of it all.  The magic is a combination of music, lights, and dozens of Disney characters as they make their way down Main Street. Greet the Disney characters; let the children shake hands with them, while their eyes open wide with wonder. And watch the floats as they convert into a dazzling show for the whole family. After the parade, top it off with a fireworks display that is said to have a magic all its own. As the fireworks end, watch the snow as it falls creating a true holiday experience.

If you plan to arrive during the first week of December, marvel at the Candlelight celebration, a combination of choirs, a live orchestra, a parade down Main Street, and a presentation of the Story of Christmas. But no matter when you arrive, every evening is special at Disneyland, where Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle is adorned with bright, twinkling light and icicles, and around every corner is another wonder to behold. Take home some family photos and enjoy the performances, snow flurries, fireworks and parades this Christmas season.

Be sure to check the Disneyland map to make sure you don’t miss a thing and arrive early so you can be assured of getting in and seeing everything the park has to offer. On weekends you might want to arrive up to two hours early and on week days between 30 and 45 minutes. Enjoy the variety of food Disneyland has to offer, and don’t worry; the park has more than just pizza and hot dogs. There are several dining establishments away from the kiddy zone where children’s meals and high chairs are offered, and prices aren’t that much different.

Visit and Enjoy Sunny Southern California!

Winter temperatures in Los Angeles are mild  and warm, they stretch form the upper sixties in the daytime and mid forties at night. Although Southern California in the winter is usually mild and warm, there are times when a slight rain may pass through. Also, park hours are shorter in winter months, so be sure to call or check online for hours and all the basic information you’ll need to make this a truly spectacular holiday season.

So, start thinking about the upcoming holidays and the family event that awaits you. Explore your options, there are many.  Take advantage of this time together with the kids while they’re out of school, and enjoy the wonders of a true holiday in sunny Southern California. The memories you take home will be with you for life. This year for the holidays, give your family the gift of a lifetime—Christmas in Disneyland. Have a safe and happy trip!


About the Author:  Angela Lytle is a self-employed mother of four and publisher of Christmas Decorations Online, a website featuring holiday decorations from Artificial Christmas Trees to beautify your home to Outdoor Christmas Lights that will brighten up your holiday display!

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