Christmas Too No Bummer!

As we left Disneyland on Wednesday I was a little teary not knowing when we would be back.  I had hoped for a Christmas trip but it was not looking good for us.


Yesterday I was playing around trying to price hotels for us so I could give Andy the cost.  Little did I know but Andy was also doing a budget that would allow us to go in December.


The excitement is back and we are less than two months from our trip in December.


Yesterday we booked our non refundable hotel room at the Fairfield Inn so all we have to do is follow this budget and we will be fine.


I have been saving change all year and told Andy that I would just take $25.00 household money for spending money and that I would use the change for any additional spending.  I have no idea how much change I have but again, that is budgeting so that we can do the trip.


Amazingly I just went on a trip where I only spent $50!  I am a shopper at heart, and love shopping while at Disneyland.  I thought it would be a struggle and may well have been if I had not been in a scooter.  Not being on my own two feet kept me out of some of my favorite haunts, Disneyana and the Disney Showcase.  I did my shopping at World of Disney due to the size.


I have begun a new collection, and it is something I actually display AND use.  The little pill boxes they sell at the Fortuosity Shop, the Art Gallery and the collectors area at World of Disney.  I now have four of these.  My original two - Dumbo and Pinocchio, and the two I just bought, Jack Skellington and Tinker Bell.  These are small, easy to bring home and they look cute on my dresser.  Now I know I can buy at least one of these in December.


Because yes, we are going to Disneyland in December.  I am very excited about this since we didn't go last year.


Seeing the Carolers on Main Street, the lights and music at 'it's a small world', and more Haunted Mansion Holiday will be fantastic.


We already know I will probably be in an ECV again unless a miracle happens with my knee, but we survived last trip and will survive again.  Disneyland in December, here I come!

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