What type of collector are you?

There are two types of collectors, and it is important to figure out which type you are before you begin to collect Disneyana.

Are you interested in collecting because you enjoy looking at your collection? Is it something you want to display, touch and play with instead of packing it away? If this is you, collecting will be easy. For this type of collector, any item can be purchased and enjoyed. You can specialize, or buy only one type of Disneyana. For this type of collector, most of your purchases will be things you see and fall in love with, so you immediately purchase the merchandise.

For this type of collector, it is all about the fun of collecting, and the enjoyment of your collection.

The second type of collector is the one who collects to invest. This type of Disneyana collector makes purchases with the hope that it will later be very valuable. Most purchases the you make will never be opened, never enjoyed, never played with. Many times, the investor will know exactly what they want, and pay a great deal of money for specific items. The person who collects as an investment will rarely buy on impulse.

For this type of collector, it is all about the possibility of a return on your investment.

The reason it is important to figure out what kind of collector you are is simple. If you are hoping to be able to sell your purchases for more money later, you want to keep them in the original packaging. The famous line from Toy Story II, when Jesse was telling Woody that the Prospector was Mint In Box is something important to remember. If this is you, it also helps to keep a written log of what you purchased, when you acquired it, where you got it from, and how much you paid.

If you are the type of person who must play with your purchases, yet you still want to invest, pick your merchandise carefully, and buy two at a time. Buy one to enjoy, and one to store for safekeeping to sell later. One item you can purchase and enjoy, yet not decrease its value is artwork, and another is Disney figurines. It is very important thought to keep the boxes. This is a great way to really enjoy your purchase without buying two copies. If you purchase a toy or doll, keep them boxed. Also keep in mind that the more copies of an item are sold, the chances of this item becoming valuable later are slim.

You may be wondering what kind of collector I am. Well, in all honesty, I am a combination of both. I do display my artwork, my snow globes, and my figurines. I display and use many of my banks. What I collect and don't use though are specific items you will learn more about in this Collector's Corner section of DisneyMouseLinks.

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