Cosmic Ray's Restaurant Review, Magic Kingdom, May 2008

Cosmic Ray’s is a quick service restaurant located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.  The restaurant has little to no décor.  Since Cosmic Ray’s is set in Tomorrowland it is supposed to be futuristic looking with metal and neon lights everywhere.  It comes off looking sterile instead.  Where the décor is lacking, the food options make up for it.  The restaurant is set up with food bays:  one for burgers, ribs and fries, one for sandwiches and rotisserie chicken, and one with wraps and salads.  Cosmic Ray’s is basically three full restaurants thrown into one ordering station.  We were glad to see all the options; however, we all had to agree on one station to pick from.  We were disappointed in not being able to get fries with our wraps simply because fries are located on the burger station.  The lines are long so if you give in to each family member going to each station you’ll end up with cold food and a LONG wait.  We ate at Cosmic Ray’s twice.  We chose the wrap station both times.  They have delicious wraps and salads.  The wraps come with chips.  Kid’s Picks include scrumptious chicken nuggets. 


There is a large toppings station located in the middle of Cosmic Ray’s.  It appeared to be plentiful for burgers, but we didn’t need this section so we skipped it.  The restaurant goers at Cosmic Ray’s were incredibly rude!  I was standing in line to get to the ketsup and BBQ sauce pumps and people kept bumping in line.  I was there for almost 3 minutes (a long time considering there were only 2 of us in “line”)!  I finally had to be as rude as the rest and push our way forward.  I don’t blame the restaurant for this snafu…but the park patrons as the toppings bar was set up to work just fine!


There is plenty of seating both inside and out at Cosmic Ray’s.  We chose to sit on the outside deck.  The deck sits out over a little lagoon and the views of Cinderella’s Castle are FANTASTIC!  There are brightly colored, fragrant, beautiful flowers all around the deck.  The setting was the perfect location to sit and relax! 


I recommend Cosmic Ray’s for variety of food and the wonderful outdoor seating area.  The different food bay areas are a bit confusing but once you have your selections made you’ll be happy with the food. 


This review was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmerelda on the forums.  Thanks Mynde!

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