Cosmic Rays Review, December 2009

Located in Tomorrowland, Cosmic Rays is a sprawling restaurant and the biggest in the Magic Kingdom.  The size has both pros and cons.  Due to its massive size there is an incredible amount of seating.  There are also three different food bays each with their own menu.


Food Bay 1 serves chicken sandwiches, rotisserie chicken and barbecue ribs.  There is also a combo meal with both chicken and ribs.  Nuggets for the children come with apples or fries while the adult meals come with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.  You can also purchase fries or yogurt on the side at this Bay.


Food Bay 2 serves cheeseburgers, vegetarian burgers and hot dogs. You can add bacon to your burger or even have a chili dog at this Bay.  Each meal comes with fries or apple slices.  There is a burger bar with all of the condiments and more to add to your burger. You can order chili cheese fries, french fries or yogurt on the side here.


Food Bay 3 serves lighter fare such as soup, salad, sandwiches, wraps and chicken nuggets.  Here you will find two burger options, a flatbread sandwich, a BBQ pork sandwich, a turkey bacon wrap or vegetarian wrap.  Each of these meals come with apple slices, grapes or chips.  Soup can be added to any meal here for an additional fee.  Two salads are offered.  There is a Greek Salad or a Caesar Salad with Chicken.  Side orders available are Chicken Noodle Soup, fresh potato chips or yogurt.


You have the option for the same kids meals (for children aged 9 and under) at each of the Bays.  Those options are nuggets, a mixed green salad with chicken, peanut butter and jelly.  Each meal gets a choice of two sides from apple sauce, grapes, and carrot sticks.  A chocolate chip cookie is available as a side item.


Desserts at Cosmic Rays are the afore mentioned cookie, brownie (with no added sugar), carrot cake, or chocolate cake.


Cosmic Rays also has ongoing entertainment with Sunny Eclipse performing throughout the day.  Since he is an audio-animatronic he can perform all day long.


With the menu options above which give you many dining choices and the large seating area, you have the pros of this large restaurant.


The biggest con with this size relates to the different menu at each Bay.  If you have a family with different tastes, you either need to split up, or eat cold food.  If you prefer a sandwich but want french fries you have to go to another station for the fries because at Bay 3, fries are not an option.


Our family fits into the above con.  I prefer chicken and my husband prefers hamburgers.  We made the decision to split up.  This worked out for us because we were on the quick service plan so just had to show a park ticket to pay for the meal.  Our son waited in line with Andy and I went off by myself.  My Bay was very quick and Andy was still in line and had not ordered by the time I had my food.  He sent me and Alex to pick out a table and I could start eating.  Being a very slow eater, that worked out, and it gave Alex time to play with his toys before his meal came.


We found the food to be good, except for Alex who refused to eat the chicken nuggets.  As a side we did get him yogurt and he ate a few french fries as well.  Andy's burger was just like every other burger and he enjoyed it.  I really liked my chicken sandwich.  It was something different.  Even the fries here were good.


The entertainment is not so loud that you can't have a conversation.  It just sits there in the background.  It was a bit humorous when we did pay attention.


All three of us liked Cosmic Rays.  Alex loves having yogurt as a meal choice, I love having many choices that are not hamburger related.  For us, splitting up is not an option and we do it quite often during our trips anyway (think of me sitting for 5 hours for the perfect fireworks seat).  Oh and for those who wonder who finished eating first - it was not me.  I eat really slowly.


Cosmic Ray's is a restaurant I can happily recommend to all guests.


Leanne (Tink from the forums)

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