D23 Expo. Can I make it happen?

Since I joined D23 as a Charter Member, and was at Disneyland the day D23 came in to existence I have loved the program.  The information Disney shares with the D23 members is amazing, and the D23 magazine is nothing short of exquisite.  The Haunted Mansion cover last fall glowed in the dark.  The Muppets issue was green felt on the back cover.  Disney really pays attention to the little details with this magazine. 


I have the buttons that were given out on Day 1.  I have the charter member pins, the special certificate, and every D23 magazine since that first one was issued almost two years ago.


What I have never done though, is go to the D23 Expo.  For me this would be a dream come true.  Sure I would be at the Expo instead of at Disneyland Park during the day, but that is fine.  I look forward to the classes, the shows and all of the special things you can only see and do at the D23 Expo.


I don't yet know the dates for this year, but could probably find them if I tried.  We won't know for several months if this is something I can do or not.


But a girl can dream, right?  As a collector I can't wait to see some of the merchandise at the Expo.  I can't wait to hear the speeches.  And I can't wait to discover the excitement of something so special.  A love that I share with thousands of other Disney Guests.  A love of the history of Disney characters, stories, Cast Members and all things Disney.


Hopefully this fall I will be with a group of my peers enjoying the D23 Expo!  Timing may be perfect for me this year with Cars Land and Buena Vista Street opening this summer, we may have a late summer trip to Disneyland that would be over this time period.  Guess I should look up the dates.


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