Disney Cruise Line Trivia

On our last cruise, 6 nights on the Wonder they had music trivia scheduled in Diversions each day.  Andy from the UK led this trivia, and he was a friendly and hilarious host.

 Many of the same guests showed up for trivia, so I was able to meet various people because of this.

 There were many different games of trivia including 50/60’s music trivia, 70’s music trivia and more, including Sports Trivia.  For the music trivia they would play a clip of music and you had to name the song and the artist.  There was also a Know it all Trivia game which was quite different than the normal trivia.

 For children there was trivia in the Promenade Lounge where they often did Disney Trivia with multiple-choice answers.  Sarah usually led this trivia.

 For each type of trivia they gave prizes to the winner.  In Diversions, the adult trivia winners won Disney Cruise Line Key Chains.  I won two of these.  In the Promenade Lounge the winner usually got a Disney Cruise Line baseball cap.

 I found the trivia to be a fun thing to do on the ship and rarely missed a chance to play.  I highly recommend both the adult trivia and the children’s trivia for everyone.  


On our shorter, 5 day cruise they only did 70's music and 80's music trivia, as well as general pub trivia and brianteaser trivia.  Club Host Colin did the music trivia while Leslie did the pub trivia (general trivia).  There was less trivia in Diversions on this shorter trip, but it was still fun.


Again the Promenade Lounge held trivia for the younger crowd as well as the older crowd.  This is where you would find Disney trivia, Disney Tunes Trivia and more.


For this shorter cruise they also gave plastic medals for all of the cruise trivia winners.  These are the same medals you would obtain by doing the Castaway Cay 5K.

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