Disney Cruise Line’s Bingo

Disney Cruise Line knows how to make Bingo fun for adults and children alike. 

 Children can play bingo, but can’t win, so if a child’s card wins, an adult must claim the winnings.  This means that for a child to play Bingo, they must have an adult with them.

On the Disney Cruise Line they make bingo fun, not serious.  If you are a bingo player at home you will enjoy the party that is bingo on the ship.  I have so much fun playing that I forget it is real money.  I am happy to say I have won three times.

The paper packs are poke & fold but I find it easier to bring a highlighter for marking the paper.  I am very superstitious, so my highlighter is always purple.  I also must get my favorite seat and be first to purchase my equipment.  If you are like me you will want to arrive early!

Bingo on the Disney Cruise ships is reasonably priced:

2019 prices on the Magic

6 Paper Cards   $30.00
Double Six Pack  $40.00
24 Electronic Cards  $40.00
48 Electronic Cards  $50.00
Family Pack  $80.00 (2 Paper Cards and two 24 Electronic Cards) 
Last Game Paper  $10.00 (can be added on to any other purchase)

The Paper Cards work just like they do in any other Bingo game.  You punch out the numbers as they are called.  We actually prefer to bring a highlighter and mark the numbers instead of punching them out.  The Electronic Card are a little different.  They are a hand-held machine with a screen that hold 24 or 48 cards at once.  As the numbers are called out the 'cards' on you machine will automatically be marked. You can flip through the cards manually or let the machine handle it completely.  The machine will automatically realize which cards are close to winning and display them.  For example if you have 2 cards on your electronic machine that are 1 number away the machine will flip back and forth between them.  The machines make it easier to play a lot of cards at once but might not be as fun as marking a card or two by hand.

Each session of bingo will play 4 games and have various giveaways.  The last game of the cruise game is usually a black-out or ‘cover-all’. Throughout the sessions , if you can cover every number in the 46 numbers you win the larger snowball jackpot.

For the final Bingo of the cruise the prices are higher.  However you can save $10.00 (2019) off any of these prices if you played all but one of the previous sessions of Bingo earlier in the cruise. That is called Loyalty pricing.

So what do I buy?  I spend $60.00 a session and $90.00 at the more expensive final session. I buy the 48 chance electric card and the $10.00 final game paper.

The final Bingo game of the cruise is paid in cash... all winnings from earlier games are credited to your room account.


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