Disney Cruise Tips & Tricks

Do online check-in when it becomes available. It makes checking in a breeze.
Be sure to check your children into the kids programs online. By doing it that way you won't have to fill out a form for your child to get her armband. This saves you time in the concourse.
Make sure you pack all drinks, including alcohol in your carry on luggage. If your luggage was picked up the morning you are leaving for your cruise and you took the Disney Cruise Line shuttle that luggage can't have any food or drinks, and it will be removed from your luggage before being sent to your room.
Read your Navigator the night you get it to preplan your next day. Make sure you read what they are doing in the kids clubs - your child may really want to do what they are doing at 3:00.
Carry your navigator with you. There are many different things happening all day long that you may enjoy.
Be sure to LOOK at your bar receipts. Many have already included a gratuity. I didn't realize this the first 2 days of our cruise, and seriously over tipped every time I got a drink.
Make sure you get to your station on time for muster. This is absolutely required of each and every passenger. It only takes about 10 minutes, so just relax and enjoy your view of the ocean and the port.
You do not need to register your child for the Edge or Vibe if your children are old enough (11 or older). They can go in and out on their own.
Plan to book your next cruise while on the ship. The incentives are worth it.
Take small bills for extra tips, but other than that, cash is not used on the cruise.
Book your shore excursions as soon as you can. Many sell out right away. Others, like snorkeling, you might be able to get the night before.
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. You may not be at a theme park but you will do a lot of walking around.
Not your first cruise? Join an FE group. (Fish Extender) and leave gifts for others in your group, and get gifts as well. We joined on our first group and I loved it. It was a lot of fun to give out the gifts, and then find gifts for us when we went to our cabin. You can join a group at Cruise Critic.com or on disboards.com at this time.
Do not tape anything to your door. You will have to pay for damage to your door, so be sure to just use magnets.
Dress for dinner even though you don't really have to do so. It makes you feel good to dress up. And don't let what others wear to dinner bother you.
You can order whatever you want for dinner. Want something off the children's menu? Go for it! Want two appetizers, don't hesitate, and if you can't decide what to eat from the menu, order both!
The children's programs on the ship are closed when you are at Castaway Cay. Your child can go with the group to the island and return to the program when it is time to board again, but if you go on the ship early, you will not find an active group on the ship. We came back early and our son was disappointed that he could not go to the edge while we were still at Castaway Cay.
Clocks are hard to find on the ship, so make sure you have a timepiece or a phone to check the time on. Everything runs on a schedule.
Be sure to check your Navigator for the movie schedule as they show first run movies on the ship.
Don't plan on having internet on the ship. It is very expensive and very slow. Using the internet café does improve quality but the price is the same.
Don't wait until the last night to look at your pictures, do it throughout the cruise and buy early. Lines become very long that final night of your cruise.
Pirate night happens on all Disney Cruises. Many cruisers love to dress up for this event, games are played and there is a show. Take your pirate costume and have fun at the party.

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