My Favorite Things to do at Disneyland

  • See the flowering Mickey Mouse upon going through the turnstiles.
  • Enter Disneyland through the left tunnel and read the plaque that says: "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy."
  • The tears falling from my eyes while reading that plaque for the first time each trip to Disneyland.
  • Say hi to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
  • Toontown.
  • Have my picture taken in front of the partners statue.
  • Look at all the pictures in the Disney Gallery.
  • Shop in the Crystal Shop in New Orleans Square.
  • Watch parades from the curb in Town Square.
  • Get on the Disneyland Rail Road at Main Street, and ride all the way around the park.
  • Eat at Goofy's Kitchen.
  • Grab a pretzel at Wetzel's Pretzel's in Downtown Disney.
  • People watch from Coke Corner.
  • Walk through the waterfall section at the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Get soaked on Grizzly River Rapids on a hot day.
  • Enjoy and ice cream cone from Catch a Flave at Disney's California Adventure.
  • Watch my son's face light up when he sees Mickey and Minnie.
  • Watching Chip and Dale give my son a new hairdo just for fun.
  • Enjoy the solitude at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
  • Go flying on Soarin' Over California, smelling the orange groves.
  • Shopping at World of Disney.
  • Going in to the Animation Building.
  • Watching my son run wild in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail section.
  • Watching Disney's Electrical Parade from the curb at the entrance to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot.
  • Seeing Fantasmic! from the balcony at the Disney Gallery.
  • Taking the walkway from Fantasyland, around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and spying Goofy and Woody on the way to Frontierland.
  • Seeing Disneyland through my son's eyes.
  • Sit by the fire in the Grand Californian Hotel lobby.
  • Tower of Terror.
  • Sit on the benches in Sun Plaza, and listen to the sounds of the rushing water.
  • Look at the petrified wood at Disneyland simply because it came from Colorado
  • Sitting to relax from a seat at the edge of Rivers of America.
  • It's A Small World. Yeah, I like the song.
  • The search for characters I have not yet seen.
  • Seeing a character I have never seen before.
  • Watching the cast members in awe, because it seems as if they actually enjoy their jobs.
  • Looking for the Disneyland cats (I have never seen one).
  • Looking for Maynard (I have seen him twice).
  • Going to Snow White's Grotto to enjoy the scene.
  • Looking into the Wishing Well at Snow White's Grotto.
  • Watching the ducks in the Lake of the Swans.
  • Finding our brick.
  • The shrimp dinner at Ariel's Grotto.
  • Getting licked by Pluto.
  • The special gifts left in my room by Vacation Planning.
  • The quiet morning hours before Disneyland gets too crowded.
  • Seeing a character with no line!

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