Disney Has A Lot of History

Disney has lots of history.  I’ll tell you some of it.


Let’s start with the forgotten characters.  The first is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  The reason is because of the famous character Mickey Mouse.  Second is Mortimer Mouse.  Fact time:  Mortimer Mouse was the original Mickey Mouse.  Now is Ostria.  She was in a lot of old cartoons.  Those are the forgotten characters.


Next there’s the past of Disney history.  In 1955 Walt opened Disneyland.  Fact time:  it was the first Disney Park.  Then in  1971 Walt Disney World opened.  Fact time:  Walt could not see the finished Walt Disney World.  Before Disneyland was created, Mickey was created. Mickey Mouse used to be mean.  Next is the future of Disney.


Then there’s the future.  First Disney got really famous.  Fact time:  They started out famous.  Now they are really famous.  Today there are lots of characters.  These characters exist because Walt was a good drawer.  The Disney Parks are the land of Disney.  There are five, but soon six because of the one being built in Shanghai.  I hope you enjoyed the facts.


These facts are existing.  I bet you learned a lot about Disney History.

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