Disney Live! Winnie the Pooh Review

Winnie the Pooh Characters This all-new stage show features the cast from the 100-Acre Wood, along with a Narrator who is 'reading' the story to the audience. In addition to these main characters, there are three hunny-helpers, who appear before the show to entertain the crowd, during the show to help with the story and during intermission. These three are wonderful clowns, acrobats, and general showmen.
B>The show begins with the Narrator introducing us to the story and with the background changing to show a map of the oh-so familiar 100-Acre Wood. At this time the Narrator introduces the characters in the show and their pictures appear on the map. Of course, he then sings the song we all know and love; Winnie the Pooh, and the crowd softly sings along before being told we are welcome to join him.

This Winnie the Pooh story is the one about Pooh's surprise birthday party. Piglet is to keep Pooh busy, Roo is making the decorations, Rabbit is baking the cake and Tigger, as usual, is generally creating problems for everyone else while searching for the perfect birthday present.

The antics of Tigger, a bit of a blustery day making Pooh and Piglet fly, a frantic Rabbit, and calm Kanga with an excited Roo, Eeyore moving slowly along, and the all-knowing Owl to offer tidbits all help Disney Live makes its first show a successful one.

Many familiar songs will be heard, from the aforementioned Winnie the Pooh to Rumbly in my Tumbly, and of course, Tigger can't appear without singing the Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.

Winnie the Pooh Set The set of Disney Live! Winnie the Pooh was well done. In general the center of the stage was open so the characters had room to move about in (they are all fairly large) with very colorful side panels that extended into the stage to set the ambience of the current scene. At the very back of the set was a high quality screen that allowed for an ever-changing colorful backdrop to the stage and various special effects.

The crowd was kept involved with the story throughout the show. The narrator and hunny-helpers talked to the crowd and several times encouraged the audience to sing and dance to the familiar songs. Several times confetti and streamers were shot out into the crowd, which for some of the children (including ours) was the highlight of the show. One lucky child was lead onto the stage to pull on Eeyore's tail.

Winnie the Pooh Set There were two darker moments during the show. One was during Pooh's dream were Heffalumps and Woozels danced around the stage and once was when Pooh and Piglet were lost deep in the 100-Acre Wood. Neither seemed to bother the children in the audience.

The show was about 1 hour and 10 minutes long with a 15-minute intermission about 45 minutes into the show. As expected, there was plenty of Winnie The Pooh merchandise available. And also as expected, it was priced a bit higher then at a typical local Disney Store. If you wanted popcorn you had to buy a Pooh bucket that contained it for $6 or $10 dollars. The cotton candy came with a Tiger Hat and was $10. The VIP seating (the Pit seats in Denver) came with a 'Hunny Bee' light.

Disney Live! has created a very well done show. The acting was wonderful, and hearing the familiar voices of characters we have long known was wonderful. Not only did this show entertain our energetic 3-year-old, but also his parents. I can't say enough about the set, the music the costumes. It was a Disney show with Broadway qualities. Well-done Disney!

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