New "Block Party Bash" Rocks Disney's California Adventure!

Disney Presents the Pixar Film Pals in the Wildest “Block Party” Ever!

ANAHEIM, Calif. (April 14, 2005) – The festive atmosphere of the 50th anniversary “Happiest Homecoming On Earth” celebration at Disneyland park extends across the esplanade of the Disneyland Resort to Disney’s California Adventure park with the May 5, 2005, premiere of the madcap and irreverent “Block Party Bash.” Continuing the Disneyland tradition of fun, “Block Party Bash” at Disney’s California Adventure is designed to instantaneously put guests right in the middle of an unbelievable impromptu party.

The music and excitement are cranked to the max for this high-energy street extravaganza as Disney presents the Pixar Film Pals, who invite you to dance and play as they party their way through Disney's California Adventure! The wildest block party in Disney history will entertain guests with a non-stop musical parade that doubles as a fun-filled interactive street spectacular!

Led by the famous Green Army Men, gigantic rolling party invitations, and a precision infantry of 12 whimsical Orange Cones (8-feet tall), the parade literally explodes into the park with three major performance locations (Sun Plaza, “a bug’s land” and Golden Dreams). From beginning to end it will take approximately 50 minutes for the entire show to travel and perform along the performance route.

In addition to an eclectic mix of fun-inducing 50s, 60s and 70s retro tunes, “Block Party Bash” includes appearances by 26 of the most popular characters including Woody and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” Mike and Sully from “Monsters, Inc.,”and Flik and Atta from “A bug’s life.”

This unique “block party” will rock Disney’s California Adventure with major sections: Play with the “Toys,” scream with the “Monsters” dance with the “Bugs.” The 11-minute performance will literally be bursting with over 60 dancers, 16 acrobats, 12 pairs of jumping stilts and 30 electric scooters filling the performance area with an awe-inspiring array of visuals and sound sensations.

The set pieces for the show include three large floats, one themed to ”Toy Story”, “Monsters, Inc.” and “A bug’s life”, four one-of-a-kind trampoline units (invented specifically for “Block Party Bash”), and three “Tweeners” (smaller floats that look like stacks of toy blocks that double as dance stages, decorative prop boxes and sources of amazing special effects). These three rolling stages hide impressive telescoping towers that rise during the finale of the extravaganza, revealing Frozone and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from the Disney presentation of a Pixar Film, “The Incredibles.”

As a totally immersive experience the contagious fun of the entire spectacle will spread throughout the audience. Guests won’t be able to resist the show’s energetic performers, lovable characters, familiar pop tunes and never-ending surprises!

“Block Party Bash” at Disney’s California Adventure joins an incredible array of new innovative adventures and astonishing entertainment premiering at Disneyland during its “Happiest Homecoming on Earth” 50th anniversary celebration, launching May 5, 2005. Other highlights include the interactive fun of “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” inspired by a Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, “Toy Story 2,” in Tomorrowland, the highly-anticipated re-launch of “Space Mountain,” the spectacle of “Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams,” “Remember . . . Dreams Come True,” (the biggest fireworks spectacular in Disneyland history) and the engaging retrospective “Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years.”

The 50th anniversary will also be celebrated globally via the “Happiest Celebration On Earth” (Disney’s first-ever global celebration), and will be highlighted by the introduction of spectacular new shows and attractions at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida; Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan; and Disneyland Resort Paris in France, plus the first west coast itinerary for the Disney Cruise Line and the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland (September 12, 2005).

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