Disney on Ice High School Musical Review

HSM on Ice Review

In April I had the opportunity to take my children to see High School Musical on Ice. We were so lucky to have seats in the front row on the ice so we had a really nice viewing area for the show. The show started out based on the film HSM 1. We start out with an introduction of the cast and then the story begins with the lodge scene and them singing followed by the countdown to New Years Eve. It was at this point I realized they dubbed in the original recordings of the songs. The only member on skates that had a microphone was the girl playing “Kelsie“.
During the show there were several props, with desks, lockers, ladders, piano and much more. The storyline followed exactly as the movie. The man portraying “Troy” was absolutely incredible on skates and definitely made all the girls swoon. “Gabriella” was great also and the pair really seemed to have a chemistry that was needed to make the show work. “Sharpay” was evilly wicked and much the diva, whereas “Ryan” just didn’t seem to click for us. He didn’t seem to be portrayed properly, kind of seemed really stuck-up and he wasn’t blonde. Other characters featured were “Chad”, “Taylor” & Ms. Durbus”.
When the song “Gettcha Head in the Game” came on and it was absolutely incredible. At the beginning of the song all these basketballs just dropped from the ceiling it was so neat. It had the kids looking up into the rafts through most of the song. It was also neat to see them dribbling on ice. Next we head into the casting calls for the play and it was so hilarious seeing all the bad singers portrayed. And we get treated to a little performance by “Ryan’ & “Sharpay”. We follow through with the rest of the stories and songs and it concludes for intermission with “We’re All in this Together”.
After intermission the story resumes with HSM 2 and we are left off in the classroom and start with “What Time is It” My favorite part of this song was watching them do the “roller coaster” on skates it was so neat. After the song we go straight into “Fabulous” the second act moves very quickly and leaves a lot out. We are treated to “Ryan “and “Sharpay” in a golf cart. Like I said the special details were just incredible. Then we head into the song in the kitchen and we are treated to them actually banging on pots and pans like in the movie. Then up next were both versions of “You are the Music in Me”. During “Sharpay’s” version there were actually fireworks that I think caught everyone off guard. And it got everyone’s attention. Next up was another incredible song “I Don’t Dance”. I am telling you the stuff they are able to do on ice skates was just great. There were bats swinging, balls moving, people dancing, & skaters flipping. There was so much action through this whole show and so much to see.
We then are treated to both “Gabriella’s” and “Troy’s” solo numbers and during “Troy’s” we got to see how incredible a skater he actually was. He gave such an awesome performance you could tell his heart was in it, full of emotion. The show concludes with “Troy” and “Gabriella” reuniting and the cast getting to perform together. And a lot more fireworks and they were so close that we got a little spark from them.
This has got to be the best Disney on Ice show that we have seen. And I would have tried to get tickets for a later show but the day we saw it was the last night and we already had plans. But if you have the chance to go see this show and your kids love HSM then I definitely recommend spending the money on it.


This review was contributed by Kristi, known as Kristisomer on the Disney Mouse Links message boards.  Thanks Kristi!

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