Disney On Ice High School Musical Review December 2008

10th Trip April, 2008
6 years old
4 Nights Best Western Park PlaceInn


What he liked


Soarin' Over California was still a favorite ride for him. 

Mulholland Madness is still a favorite as long as he sits up front. 

Star Tours is still one of his favorites.  He rode this at least once a day and many times 2 or more times a day.

Pirates of the Caribbean, even the drops didn’t scare him this time.

Minnie and Friends breakfast.

Indiana Jones – he finally opened his eyes on our last day!

Haunted Mansion Holiday – he loves the overlay.

Meeting Jack and Sally.

Toy Story Mania – he loves it but the lines were horrible so he only got to ride once.

Food – fruit and pizza.  Nothing else was acceptable this trip.

Characters – he couldn’t get enough of them.

Muppets!  Yes, he loves that show.


What he accepted, but didn't like or dislike


“it’s a small world” was closed.  He missed it horribly.


What he did not like


For some reason he made excuses every time we got to the front of the line on Tower of Terror.  He said he still likes the ride, but we are not sure.


Food that wasn’t pizza or fruit and he was not willing to branch out.

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