Disney On Ice Monsters Inc. Review

Disney on Ice Monster’s Inc. began with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy coming onto the ice to start the story.  These four were the hosts for the show, much to the crowds delight.  Between the four of them, they explained what the scream factory was for, and the Child Detection Agency’s responsibilities. 


After a general introduction, other skater’s came out with signs that said SCREAM.  There was then a scream contest between the three different sides of the theater, and then all of the audience was told to scream at once.  Of course, when that happened, the scream meter began shooting fireworks because all of the screams filled it up so much it broke.  Once the scream demonstration was completed, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy left the ice with the other skaters and the show began.


The wonderful thing about Disney on Ice:  Monster’s Inc. is that it follows the movie very nicely.  The one part that was changed happened when Mike and Sully were banished.  During the movie, there is an abominable snow man, but he was left out of the ice show.  Instead, Mike hit his head and a dream sequence began.  During the dream sequence many skaters appeared on the ice dressed as snowflakes.  One male skater took the ice for a routine that was very well done, including several jumps.


In the movie the door room scenes are full of doors and after seeing how Disney’s California Adventure handled the door room on the Monster’s Inc. attraction there, I had great expectations for the door scenes during Disney on Ice.  Disney did not disappoint.  For this show doors not only appear from backstage, but also from the rafters of the arena, and the whole scene is very well done, especially when you consider the limited capacity to fool the audience with a live show.


The part of Boo, while played by an adult was very well done.  Raegan Brierton-Quick did a fantastic job of mimicking the movements of a precocious three year old girl.  While her costume was not horribly cumbersome, those of the Monster’s must have been very difficult to perform in, and these skaters did a great job depicting this wonderful Disney/Pixar movie on a stage of ice.


As with other Disney on Ice shows, merchandise is strictly limited to the show appearing with the one exception of a Disney on Ice CD that sells for $25.00.  The program for the show was $10.00 and came with a blue Monster’s Inc. hat.  Cotton Candy, also $10.00 comes with the same hat, much to the dismay of parents with only one child.  In my opinion, it would have been better to have 2 different hats for those items, allowing children to have something different with each purchase.  Snow cones came in small (Boo) or large (Sully) plastic collectible cups.  The small snow cone was $10.00, while the large was $12.00.  Lemonade was also pricey at $10.00.  We did find though that the food items sold by the venue were kept to their normal prices.


This Disney on Ice show was wonderfully done, and great for all families.  The story is so well done that it is not necessary to be familiar with the movie Monster’s Inc. in order to enjoy this Disney on Ice presentation.

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