Walt Disney World Backlot Tour

Brace yourself for an all-out special effects encounter with a water tank in "Harbor Attack," then board a guided tram ride for a look at life-like façades used in exterior shots from familiar television shows and movies. Wind past soundstages, peek inside the Disney-MGM Studios camera, props and lighting departments, face nature's fury during an exhilarating detour through Catastrophe Canyon and more!

The Backlot Tour is located on Mickey's Avenue and it is a walking/tram tour
of movie making magic. Tours run every 35 minutes. Before you enter the ride
and exhibit area they ask for volunteers.

Here is the volunteers' part, as I was chosen: You get to participate in a
battle/storm scene on the sea. They have you put of mud boots and a rain
coat and pants and explain different jobs that you would be doing. Me and 2
other people were washing or cleaning the deck of a boat the other person was
the Captain and was on a pretend phone in the control booth. So we are
washing the boat when we are "attacked" and water cannons are going off
around us and getting us soaked and then they have the pretend fire etc. It
was a lot of fun and gave me a break from the kids. But if you volunteer
have your significant other explain to your children (if they are young)
that it is all Mickey Mouse magic and they are not getting hurt.  My little
boy was afraid mommy was stuck on the boat.

After the water scene you walk through the warehouse and see different
artifacts from different movies. Then you board the trams and go and see
some house sets, go through the wardrobe building, and see lots of vehicles,
planes, & trucks from different movies. Towards the end you get clearance to
go onto the "set" this is the canyon scene that ends up with water and
explosions happening on the left side of the tram. Your tram also starts
rocking side to side and the semi tanker on the "set" comes sliding towards
you. Then you hear "Cut that's a wrap" Your tram moves on to the back side
of the set and you see all the pipes and hear how they made the scene come
alive. When you exit the ride you enter a villain’s area that has costumes of
some of the greatest villains from movies.

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