Walt Disney World Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Ride into the future and take a breezy tour of Tomorrowland. Visit the inside of many of the area's fun attractions for an exciting glimpse behind the scenes. Next stop — the future!

Tomorrowland Transit Authority is located in Tomorrowland behind the Launching Pad food stand. This is a slow moving ride that takes you through Tomorrowland.  You board from a moving platform into your tram seat that will hold 4 people. You are facing
each other through the ride. You go through the buildings housing Buzz
Lightyear, Space Mt, & Mickey Star Traders Gift Shop. When you pass through
these buildings you get a glimpse of the rides and shop.

We like this ride because it is a nice chance for you to rest those tired
legs and it gives the kids a chance to unwind.  But if you are at Disney for
the thrill rides then this isn't the ride for you.  Many times when the kids
were younger we would ride this ride continuously until they fell asleep for
the much needed nap.

Tip: If Space Mt is closed and you want to see what it looks like with the
lights on then hop on the TTA and you will get to see this coaster.

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