Traveling To Disneyland And Around The Los Angeles Area

While it would be nice to think that a Disneyland Vacation begins and ends at the gates to the Park the reality is that the travel portion can make or break a vacation. Airline travel is an obvious travel issue for most Disneyland visitors but choosing an Airport and choosing how to get from the Airport to Disneyland can be confusing with many factors affecting your choices.

Factors that will affect your decisions:

  • Airline choices from your city to Los Angeles.
  • Flight times.
  • Size of your party.
  • Is Los Angeles your only destination?
  • Is Disneyland your only destination or will you be visiting other attractions?
  • Are you traveling with infants/toddlers that require child seats?
  • Will you be eating at the Disneyland Resort or do you want to venture out into the surrounding areas?
  • Does the Disneyland Resort provide all your shopping needs?
  • If visiting non-Disneyland Resort attractions in the Los Angeles area is a ½ or full day structured tour fit your needs or do you feel the need to have ultimate flexibility?
  • Budget.
A smooth transition from leaving your home to your hotel at the Disneyland Resort sets the tone for your vacation and an easy, effortless trip home means your memories of your vacation are restricted to the Disneyland Resort.

Take the time upfront to get all your I's dotted and T's crossed when it comes to your travel plans to the Disneyland Resort.


Which airport should you fly into to get to the Disneyland Resort? Several factors could affect that decision: cost, availability, airline schedules, ground transportation, or simply a place you prefer to eat. Here, we have broken down the information for all of the local airports. No matter which airport you fly into, you have choices. One thing to decide is whether you are going to use the same ground transportation in both directions to and from your hotel. You can use a shuttle, taxi, limo or rental car. But you are not limited to one way or round trip service from any of these options. With this airport information, our intent is to help you make those choices.


Amtrack To Disneyland

Car Rentals - Do I need one?

You may or may not need a car rental. Here are some reasons for getting a car. Are you planning on shopping outside of the Disneyland Resort? Going to eat away from the Resort? How about going to the beach? If you answer is yes to any of the above, you may want a car. Of course, you could take a taxi to shop or eat or a tour bus to other attractions; but a car is real handy if going to the beach or if you are visiting a lot of sites other than Disneyland.

If you do have 4 or more people in your family, you need to weigh your options also. Many times a car rental or taxi will be less expensive than taking a shuttle.

It is also very simple to return a car at Disneyland. We have done that often using National and Alamo, who have an office on Katella, a block from the Disneyland Resort. It is very inexpensive to rent a car for one day and then return it. Are you flying into LAX, but leaving from Orange County Airport? Well, it might be best to get a car from LAX, but take a taxi back to Orange County.

Taxis and Limousines

It may be less expensive to use a Taxi or Limousine instead of taking a shuttle. If you have many people, the shuttle can be very expensive. If you don't want to rent a car and drive yourself, a taxi could be the way to get to your hotel that is most efficient. It will also take you without stopping at other hotels. Do you need to stop at the store on the way to the hotel? A taxi will do this, but remember you will be charged for the stop. One important thing to remember if you decide to use a taxi is to check the price before you get in. A reputable cab will be able to give you an estimate of the cost to reach your destination. From most of the nearby airports, you will find flat rates.

Public Transportation

Anaheim Resort Transit, also known as ART is a great way to get around when you are at the Disneyland Resort. ART has a schedule that will run between the hotels and Disneyland, making several stops, and you can purchase a daily or multi day pass.

2005 Prices are:
  • 1 day - $3.00
  • 2 day - $6.00
  • 5 day - $12.00
  • Children under 10 ride free with an Adult
There are also many different Trolley routes so the stops are fewer for each one. ART Passes may be purchase from your hotel or from other convenient public sales outlets. Drivers do not sell passes. In addition, ART passes can be purchased at kiosk locations around the greater Anaheim Resortâ„¢

Tour Buses

If the majority of your vacation is going to be spent at the Disneyland Resort but you want to take a day or two to visit other attractions then taking a tour bus is a great way to get there.

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