Celebrating A Birthday at the Disneyland Resort

Will you be celebrating a birthday while at the Disneyland Resort in California? Are you going to Disneyland to celebrate a birthday, but will not be there over the date of your birthday? Is it a special trip for your child's birthday? Well, it doesn't matter, because to celebrate at Disneyland, it does not have to be your 'exact' special day.

For starters, when you get to Disneyland go to City Hall, in Town Square, near the Disneyland Fire Station, and ask for a Birthday Sticker. This can be done for both children and adults so get your sticker, and have fun! The birthday sticker entitles you to special treatment from the Disneyland Cast Members, who will always happily tell you Happy Birthday.

You could also have your very own (okay, you share it with everyone else that made plans to do it to) birthday party at the Plaza Inn. The zany Pat E Cake is the host for this magical birthday party. Each guest gets his or her very own cake to decorate. This cake comes in a plastic Mickey icon shape. The cake itself is in the big circle, and in one ear you will find different colors of frosting, in the second ear there are sprinkles and other cake decorations. So spend some time laughing and having fun with others during your Disneyland birthday party. Oh, and Mickey and Minnie usually make an appearance at these birthday celebrations as well, so be prepared to take a ton of pictures. Another nice keepsake here is the plastic plate your cake was in, and the plastic cup filled with punch that you get with your cake. This is a cup with a straw, and has the Disneyland Logo, as well as a Happy Birthday logo with Sorcerer Mickey. The Plaza Inn Birthday Party takes place Monday thru Friday at 2pm, and lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. On Saturday and Sunday there are two parties, one at 1:45pm the other at 3pm. The cost for this party is $30.00 per person.  This party is great even if there are no children in your party.

If you prefer to do something a little more 'low key' you can order a Birthday Bucket at full-service restaurants in Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, and the Resort Hotel restaurants, including the character meals. You choose between Sorcerer Mickey and a Princess Bucket. Each one includes a small cake, a special pin, and other special treats. The cost for a Birthday Bucket is $20.00 plus tax (March 2005).

And finally, if you are going to be at Goofy's Kitchen or PCH Grill for breakfast with Lilo and Stitch, you can a Birthday Bag. The Birthday Bag is a minor cost for some special treatment. In the Birthday Bag you will find a balloon, party hat, a Goofy pen, and a toy maraca and puzzle. Of course, it also includes a cupcake. You can have the pleasure of blowing out your candles with a character to help you.

You do not need to make advance reservations if you would just like to get the birthday sticker from City Hall. If you would like to do the Plaza Inn birthday party, the Birthday Bucket, or the Birthday Bag, you need to call in advance. Simply call 1-714-781-3463 to set up one of those options. And most importantly, have a great birthday celebration at Disneyland!

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