Disney Resort Character Tricks & Tips

Meeting Mickey Mouse is easier than going to ToonTown. He and Minnie can often be seen in Town Square, outside the Mad Hatter. (Sometimes right inside the exit of Great moments with Lincoln) Many times at opening you will find them there, and occasionally after parades. Enjoy a parade from Town Square (near the main Rail Road Station) and after the parade, fade to the right toward the Mad Hatter as everyone else leaves the park. Always stop by there when entering/leaving the park just in case.
If you see the same characters each day (this does not include masked characters, like Mickey or Minnie), get to know the character, and the handler. This can make for a very special visit with the character. We developed a relationship with Sleeping Beauty that provided us with many wonderful moments, and great pictures
Be sure to arrive at ToonTown when it opens for shorter lines! Later in the day, it will be much harder to visit with Mickey and Minnie, but at opening, the lines are minimal or non-existent. If you are real lucky, you will get there when the characters are frolicking around giving great opportunities for pictures and interaction.
At Disney's California Adventure, characters hang out in front of the Animation Building in the Hollywood Backlot. If none are outside, check right inside, especially during very hot or rainy weather.
Character dining is a great way for your toddler to meet characters if the lines in Disneyland are too long.
Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are rare characters to see out and about. Make sure you get their autograph if you see them.
If you collect Character autographs, keep in mind that Beast can't sign an autograph (his hands are much to big to hold a pen), so your children don't get disappointed.
Twice on our July 2004 trip while in the Redwood Creek Trail Challenge in California Adventure Chip & Dale came around. Since the area is less crowded Alex had them to himself for over 10 minutes.
During peak season you will see a more varied cast of characters. They will also be out more often.

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