Disney Resort Dining Tricks & Tips

White Water Snacks in the Grand Californian Hotel is a great place to eat. Inexpensive, with large servings of made to order food!
While enjoying a Character meal, if the Character's are not coming to your table, talk to the Character Coordinator and explain the problem. We have done this twice with great results both times.
The Candy Palace on Main Street no longer sells individual scoops of salt-water taffy. All taffy is now pre-bagged.
If you purchase a large coke at Coke Corner on Main Street, you will get a refillable cup. With the prices for drinks at Disneyland, the cost for this cup is worth it, so take advantage.
You can now make a priority seating reservation for Carnation Café 45 days in advance. This is a very popular sit-down restaurant on Main Street, so decide ahead of time when you want to eat there, and make that reservation. 714-781-3463

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