Disneyland Resort Central First Aid (CFA)

When you go to Disneyland you never plan on having to go for first aid, so it is not something you look for a guide maps.  But when you need first aid you want to know where to get it, and the sooner the better.


At Disneyland you will find CFA to the right of Plaza Inn and just past the Baby Care Center. 


At Disney's California Adventure it is located near the Mission Tortilla Factory in Pacific Wharf, next to the Baby Care Center.


At Downtown Disney you can find it between Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchens and the Island Charters store.


The staff at Disney Central First Aid offices comprises of nurses and EMT personnel.  There is not a doctor on staff.  You will find the Cast Members working there friendly, willing to help, and calming.


The CFA office can dispense Band-Aids, Dramamine or other anti-nausea medication, and Tylenol with just a signature.  You can talk to a nurse at the desk for no charge as well.  For Tylenol and a few other over the counter medications they will ask for an ID so that you can prove you are over 18.  For children they have a variety of medications based on the age of the child.  Kaopectate for the stomach, Benadryl or couch medicine for sneezing or cough.  While they have a plethora of things they can dispense, they cannot dispense prescription medications because there is no doctor on staff.


Did you forget to bring contact lens drops or solution?  You can get it here.  Have a nasty scrape?  You can get it taken care of here.  Need an ice pack?  Yes, they even have those available at no charge.


Or maybe you are diabetic and need a cold place to store your insulin.  You can do that here as well.  If you have another medication that needs to be kept out of the heat, you can store it there.


Do you suffer from motion sickness?  Or do you have a case of it because you didn't know you suffer from motion sickness?  Head to the first aid center and they will get you all taken care of with ice cold water and some Dramamine.



What if something more serious has happened?  The First Aid Center will put you in a room and have a look.  If need be, they can call an Ambulance for you.  If an ambulance is not required, but it may be something you have to be seen for later the staff can also give you a list of local hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.


Disney Central First Aid offices are a great place to go with any minor ailment.  You will find a very caring set of Cast Members here to make you feel better.


Over the past few years we have spent some time at CFA both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  My motion sickness is very severe and occasionally the heat makes it worse and my prescription medication less effective.  When I go to CFA they give me Dramamine to help stop the process and make me feel better.


For a more serious matter our son doubled over in pain one evening at Disneyland.  It was the day before we were supposed to go home and he was only 5 years old.  We took him to CFA where they gave us some children's Tylenol and the list of local emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.  They did say it was probably just excitement (it wasn't) but they were wonderful with us worried parents and a young child in so much pain he didn't want to ride his favorite ride.


I definitely recommend the CFA offices when at a Disney Resort.  You will not find a better quality of care anywhere. 


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