Disneyland Resort Vacation Planning Service

Vacation Planning Service - Mickey Basket Vacation Planning is a department that will provide help, and secret treasures to a guest of one of the three Resort Hotels. This department will make priority-seating reservations at Resort Restaurants, including some in Downtown Disney. Upon request, they will provide children and adults alike with a signed picture of a favorite character, at no charge. While these two features are wonderful the best feature in my opinion, is the third service the Vacation Planning Department will do for you during your stay that really adds value to staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel.

This department will shop for you, and leave surprises in your room for a small fee plus the actual expense of the items purchased. You let the Planner know your likes and dislikes and with a set dollar amount to guide them; and they take it from there.

Items that can be purchased come from Disneyland, California Adventure, or World of Disney. In addition to gifts from the shops, food items can also be delivered to your room. For example, Mickey Mouse cookies and milk can be delivered, or chocolate covered strawberries. Once again, the Planner will discuss your likes and dislikes. The two of you will determine how many times you wish to be surprised, the type of item you would prefer (food or gift) and the Planner will have everything delivered to your room by the time you retire for the evening.

We used this service on our 2003 to Disneyland, and will definitely do it again the next time we stay at a resort hotel. In fact, the most disappointing thing about our trip in 2004 is that we were unable to use Vacation Planning. It was absolutely wonderful being surprised on a daily basis!

For example, on our date of arrival, I wanted each of us to have a surprise waiting for us to enjoy that night. We knew nothing about what was going to be waiting for us, just that something was going to be there. It was wonderful to walk in and see shirts for my husband, Mickey Mouse stuffed animal for my son, and a snow globe for myself. In addition to these items, we each had a signed black and white photo, one of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, one of the Fab Five, and one of Jasmine and Aladdin. We briefly enjoyed our treasures, and then we went off to Disneyland for a few hours.

When we returned, we had another surprise waiting: cookies and milk (the cookies were big and wonderful, and the milk was ice cold). Surprise like that continued throughout our stay, sometimes only gifts, sometimes only food, sometimes both, and it was wonderful.

There are two ways to get in touch with the Vacation Planning Department: email them at vacationplanning@disneyonline.com, or call 714-300-7526 (option 2). You will need to give the Cast Member the following information upon first contact

  • Which hotel you will be staying at while at the Resort.
  • What your budget is for surprises, and they will need your credit card number.
  • Who the recipient(s) will be, and the ages of each (children, yourself, spouse).
  • When you would like the deliveries to be made (they do deliver 24 hours a day).
  • What type of gifts you have in mind.
  • Favorite character of all gift recipients.

    2006 Vacation Planning Service Baskets/Amenities
    2005 Disneyland Vacation Planning Service Baskets/Amenities

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