Disneyland's Happiest Haunts Tour (2012)

Disneyland’s Happiest Haunts Tour is half story and half rides.  The tour begins with one tour guide telling your tour group a bit about the tour.  But when no other tour guides are around, you will be told that Disneyland is in Peril.  A golden lamp (think Aladdin and the Genie) has gone missing and we (the tour) need to find it before the villains do it first.


As you are looking around for the missing lamp you will search several attractions for it, all while following clues left at various locations.  After your search on Haunted Mansion Holiday you will run into one of the Mansions Ghost Hosts named Gracie.  She will help continue the story.  The interplay between Gracie and the tour guide is part of the tour so be sure to pay attention. 


Gracie seems to be mocking the tour guide most of the time and then finally you will learn she has ulterior motives for helping. 


While on the tour you will enjoy six different ‘scary’ attractions.  On our tour we enjoyed four at Disneyland and two at Disney’s California Adventure, including Haunted Mansion Holiday, Snow White’s Scary Adventures and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.


The tour will last anywhere from three and half to four hours, depending on how crowded the parks are during your tour.  We happened to attend the tour on a Saturday night when both Disneyland and California Adventure were very crowded so our tour was approximately four hours long.


The popular response as the tour ended was one of enjoyment by all, and several guests wanted to take the tour again.  It was enjoyable, and a great way to enjoy several attractions without waiting in the very long queues.  Alex, our nine year old son really enjoyed this tour and loved participating.  The adults enjoyed having our ‘goblin’ son in the group.


Disneyland’s Happiest Haunts Tour runs twice nightly through Halloween and I highly recommend this tour.

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